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November 5, 1912

General Election

A total of 707,776 Californians voted in this election.

Eugene W. Chafin Prohibition 3.5% Loss
Eugene V. Debs Socialist 11.8% Loss
Theodore Roosevelt Progressive (Bull Moose) 42.1% Win
William H. Taft Republican 0.6% Loss
Woodrow Wilson Democratic 42.1% Loss
Joseph Bredsteen Socialist 9% Loss
Edward H. Hart Republican 19.4% Loss
William Kent Progressive (Bull Moose) 37.3% Win
I. G. Zumwalt Democratic 34.4% Loss
John E. Raker Democratic 69.7% Win
Frank M. Rutherford Republican 30.3% Loss
C. F. Curry Republican 58.8% Win
Gilbert McMillan Ross Democratic 28.8% Loss
William L. Wilson Socialist 12.4% Loss
Julius Kahn Republican 56.1% Win
Norman W. Pendleton Socialist 11.2% Loss
Bert Schlesinger Democratic 32.7% Loss
Stephen V. Costello Democratic 34.7% Loss
John I. Nolan Republican 52.3% Win
E. L. Reguin Socialist 13% Loss
Joseph R. Knowland Republican 53.7% Win
Hiram A. Luttrell Democratic 6.3% Loss
J. Stitt Wilson Socialist 40% Loss
J. S. Cato Socialist 13.3% Loss
Denver S. Church Democratic 44.1% Win
James Carson Needham Republican 42.6% Loss
E. A. Hayes Republican 51% Win
James B. Holohan Democratic 35.2% Loss
Robert T. Whitaker Socialist 13.9% Loss
Charles W. Bell Republican 47.2% Win
Ralph L. Criswell Socialist 18.2% Loss
Thomas H. Kirk Democratic 23.9% Loss
George S. Yarnall Prohibition 10.7% Loss
Emory D. Martindale Prohibition 3.7% Loss
George Ringo Democratic 21.9% Loss
William D. Stephens Republican 53.4% Win
Fred C. Wheeler Socialist 21% Loss
S. C. Evans Republican 36.8% Loss
William Kettner Democratic 42.7% Win
Noble A. Richardson Socialist 12.1% Loss
Helen M. Stoddard Prohibition 8.3% Loss
H. P. Andrews Democratic 39.9% Loss
William Kehoe Republican 41.2% Win
E. W. Welden Socialist 18.9% Loss
C. W. Anderson Democratic 36.7% Loss
E. S. Birdsall Republican 52.8% Win
A. M. Clark Socialist 10.6% Loss
Alonzo Smith Knight Socialist 10.2% Loss
Benjamin F. Rush Republican 50.5% Win
Joseph Walsh Democratic 39.3% Loss
Philip Charles Cohn Democratic 56.8% Win
O. G. Hopkins Republican 43.2% Loss
Sumner Crosby Republican 38.1% Loss
Rudolph Leonhart Socialist 13.5% Loss
James Curtis Owens Democratic 48.4% Win
William R. Flint Republican 53.3% Win
John H. Leonard Democratic 32.5% Loss
Ralph H. Smith Socialist 14.2% Loss
John Barry Curtin Democratic Win
Benjamin F. Mason Democratic 21.6% Loss
Edward Keating Strobridge Republican 58.7% Win
C. Alward Tobey Socialist 19.7% Loss
George J. Hans Republican Win
Richard B. Bell Democratic 22.8% Loss
Arthur H. Breed Sr. Republican 61% Win
Harold French Socialist 16.2% Loss
Alonzo E. Bunker Republican 33.5% Loss
Archibald E. "Archie" Campbell Democratic 57.7% Win
A. M. Rayl Socialist 8.7% Loss
Edwin E. Grant Democratic 47.9% Win
W. S. Vanderburge Socialist 4.9% Loss
Edward I. "Ed" Wolfe Republican 47.1% Loss
Frederick Carsten Gerdes Republican 50.7% Win
Emil Liess Socialist 15.7% Loss
Joseph J. McShane Democratic 33.6% Loss
Rollar Allen Socialist 19.8% Loss
James H. Ferren Democratic 22.2% Loss
Thomas F. Finn Republican 58% Win
Mina Dominguez Socialist 10.2% Loss
David Wallace Mott Republican 46.7% Win
B. F. Thomas Democratic 43.1% Loss
Frank Henry Benson Republican 56.3% Win
W. W. Dunham Socialist 10.9% Loss
William Edgar Democratic 32.9% Loss
Carl K. Broneer Socialist 36.9% Loss
Henry H. Lyon Republican 41.6% Win
Stephen Monteleone Democratic 21.5% Loss
Edwin M. Butler Republican 48.3% Win
William Francis Ireland Socialist 22.3% Loss
Daniel B. Koenig Prohibition 4.7% Loss
Joseph K. Tuttle Democratic 24.8% Loss
Prescott F. Cogswell Republican 46.5% Win
Frank D. Firey Democratic 28.8% Loss
Loring A. Pickering Prohibition 15.2% Loss
J. B. Rutherford Socialist 9.5% Loss
Harry J. L. Atwood Socialist 28.1% Loss
Philip F. Dodson Democratic 29.1% Loss
Newton Warner Thompson Republican 42.8% Win
William E. Brown Republican 52.6% Win
Herbert T. Muzzy Democratic 29.3% Loss
James R. Townsend Socialist 18.1% Loss
John Nelson Anderson Republican 50% Win
F. D. Ashleigh Prohibition 9.3% Loss
George Bauer Socialist 10.7% Loss
Louis Paul Hart Democratic 30% Loss
L. F. Coburn Republican 34.8% Loss
Otto L. Haese Socialist 17.4% Loss
William B. Shearer Democratic 47.8% Win
W. F. Harris Democratic 17.8% Loss
George Keeling Socialist 33.5% Loss
H. C. Nelson Republican 48.7% Win
D. N. Cunningham Socialist 19.8% Loss
Timothy D. Goodman Democratic 36.6% Loss
C. William White Republican 43.6% Win
C. M. Goodhue Socialist 12% Loss
H. D. Semans Democratic 42.8% Loss
A. F. Shartel Republican 45.2% Win
F. A. Hersey Socialist 7.9% Loss
James King Kendrick Republican 34.5% Loss
Harry Polsley Democratic 57.6% Win
Horace Fremont Miliken Republican 34.1% Loss
E. S. Scott Socialist 21.4% Loss
T. J. Weldon Democratic 44.6% Win
John H. Guill Jr. Democratic 46.6% Win
A. C. Mastellar Socialist 11.6% Loss
G. O. Miller Republican 33% Loss
William J. Van Orsdel Prohibition 8.8% Loss
August Dahler Socialist 8.8% Loss
J. A. Murray Republican 47.1% Win
Lawrence H. Wilson Democratic 44.2% Loss
George B. Finnegan Democratic 47.9% Win
Edwin C. Gaylord Republican 39.7% Loss
George Heffner Socialist 12.4% Loss
W. S. Killingsworth Sr. Democratic 39.8% Win
Conrad Rump Socialist 9.5% Loss
Walter S. Thompson Republican 28% Loss
C. J. Uhl Independent 22.7% Loss
James Mason Socialist 8.2% Loss
James M. Palmer Democratic 52.5% Win
Wallace Rutherford Republican 39.3% Loss
Richard Corbett Socialist 11.4% Loss
James W. Hamilton Republican 37.1% Loss
G. W. Libby Democratic 51.5% Win
Herbert W. Slater Democratic 86.9% Win
Niles F. Spencer Socialist 13.1% Loss
J. M. Inman Republican 52.7% Win
Howard Nealy Mitchell Socialist 10.5% Loss
D. E. Wiley Democratic 36.8% Loss
Hugh B. Bradford Democratic 49.2% Win
J. Fontaine Johnson Republican 42.8% Loss
Herman Schoech Socialist 8% Loss
Will A. Dower Democratic 55.8% Win
Ferdinand G. Stevenot Republican 35.8% Loss
D. W. Thorne Socialist 8.3% Loss
Charles W. Byrnes Republican 55.6% Win
C. C. Edwards Socialist 27.6% Loss
Tupper S. Malone Democratic 16.9% Loss
John Dahlstrom Socialist 18.5% Loss
Edward M. Hasey Democratic 30.4% Loss
Thomas D. Johnston Republican 51.1% Win
Elisha R. Lawrence Republican 25% Loss
M. H. Steeley Socialist 8.6% Loss
J. W. Stuckenbruck Democratic 66.4% Win
Richard Augustine Hawley Socialist 6.9% Loss
E. H. McGowen Republican 41.5% Loss
W. C. Wall Democratic 51.7% Win
James W. Farrell Democratic 27.5% Loss
Walter A. McDonald Republican 53.5% Win
Isaac Sturza Socialist 19% Loss
John J. Ford Jr. Democratic 44.4% Win
William P. Kennedy Republican 39.5% Loss
Carl F. Loschenkohl Socialist 16.1% Loss
John Joseph Bogue Democratic 34.7% Loss
Herman E. Doyal Socialist 28.4% Loss
James J. Ryan Republican 36.9% Win
William M. Collins Republican 72.9% Win
Louis I. Fortin Socialist 27.1% Loss
Michael F. Heaney Socialist 13.1% Loss
George M. Hench Republican 38.9% Loss
William C. McCarthy Democratic 48% Win
Ray Elric Brouillet Democratic 30.4% Loss
William B. Bush Republican 53.7% Win
Mads Peter Christensen Socialist 15.8% Loss
Helen Willsey Hall Socialist 7.3% Loss
Edward P. Walsh Democratic 54.2% Win
J. E. White Republican 38.5% Loss
Walter T. Lyon Democratic 35.4% Loss
Lizzie Robe Socialist 9.5% Loss
William Stoddard "Wild Bill" Scott Republican 55% Win
K. J. Doyle Socialist 17.7% Loss
Ignatius A. Richardson Democratic 42.2% Win
George A. Wentworth Republican 40.1% Loss
Thomas P. D. Gray Socialist 14.3% Loss
Edward J. D. Nolan Republican 56.4% Win
T. E. Strong Democratic 29.3% Loss
Adelheid Oswald Socialist 7.3% Loss
Milton L. Schmitt Republican 60.5% Win
George Douglas Wise Democratic 32.2% Loss
Allen K. Gifford Socialist 8.5% Loss
John Gillson Republican 45.2% Loss
Arthur L. Shannon Democratic 46.2% Win
Victor J. Canepa Republican 51.7% Win
John Angus Macaulay Democratic 39.5% Loss
Salvatore Schiro Socialist 8.8% Loss
George Beck Democratic 45.5% Win
A. A. Rogers Republican 41.9% Loss
O. A. Shaw Socialist 12.6% Loss
E. A. Larkin Socialist 26.2% Loss
Alfred L. Morgenstern Republican 53.7% Win
E. D. Rue Democratic 20.2% Loss
J. E. Cofer Socialist 22.6% Loss
Henry H. McPike Democratic 33.8% Loss
Frank M. Smith Republican 43.6% Win
William C. Clark Republican 61.6% Win
P. B. Cowdery Socialist 13.2% Loss
James K. Moffitt Democratic 25.2% Loss
Daniel Ferguson Republican 48.9% Win
John R. Kelly Democratic 23.2% Loss
H. C. Tuck Socialist 27.9% Loss
George Fitzgerald Republican 50.5% Win
J. W. McMannis Democratic 13.1% Loss
H. G. Strowenjans Socialist 36.3% Loss
W. M. Bartlett Socialist 29.4% Loss
C. F. Fraser Democratic 23.8% Loss
George Gelder Republican 46.8% Win
Elvina S. Beals Socialist 4.7% Loss
William A. Powell Democratic 9.8% Loss
C. C. Young Republican 85.6% Win
Henry Ward Brown Republican 54.2% Win
E. J. Crane Democratic 31.4% Loss
Hy. Meyer Socialist 14.4% Loss
David D. Bowman Republican 41.5% Win
John B. Maher Democratic 40% Loss
Cora Pattleton Wilson Socialist 18.5% Loss
Lewis Dan Bohnett Republican 53.2% Win
William M. Hines Democratic 36.3% Loss
Paul Lambert Socialist 10.5% Loss
Jennie Arnott Socialist 11.4% Loss
Daniel R. Hayes Republican 47.3% Win
Elijah Miller Democratic 41.3% Loss
S. C. Gibson Prohibition 20.6% Loss
W. B. Harvey Socialist 9% Loss
Walter H. Killam Republican 27.3% Loss
David W. Tulloch Democratic 43.1% Win
George A. Clarke Republican 49.6% Win
Mary M. McNeill Socialist 12.3% Loss
J. A. Van Harlingen Democratic 38.1% Loss
John K. Alexander Democratic 53.7% Win
S. G. Button Socialist 10.7% Loss
William Sandholdt Jr. Republican 35.6% Loss
O. H. Cole Socialist 12.5% Loss
J. J. Griffin Democratic 49.8% Win
George Marchbank Republican 37.8% Loss
W. F. Chandler Republican 57.4% Win
Christian Christensen Socialist 7.3% Loss
W. H. Kerr Democratic 35.4% Loss
Walter Clifton Socialist 3.4% Loss
Henry Hawson Democratic 43.5% Loss
W. A. Sutherland Republican 53.1% Win
L. B. Cary Republican 54.9% Win
George Hodge Socialist 0.3% Loss
F. E. Jones Democratic 44.8% Loss
J. M. Emmert Socialist 15.3% Loss
A. B. Green Republican 54.8% Win
Mary Ella Ridle Democratic 29.9% Loss
J. W. Guiberson Democratic 45.9% Win
R. A. Moore Republican 45.2% Loss
C. J. Snyder Socialist 9% Loss
Aubrey M. Lumley Democratic 42.2% Loss
Peter Schulp Socialist 14.2% Loss
George Washington Wyllie Republican 43.6% Win
Fred J. Crease Republican 35.4% Loss
I. T. Sharp Socialist 11.2% Loss
William E. Simpson Democratic 53.3% Win
Luther William Gurr Socialist 16.4% Loss
J. M. Hartley Prohibition 10% Loss
George H. Johnson Republican 41.6% Win
J. L. McMinn Democratic 32.1% Loss
James E. Cram Republican 47% Win
Evan G. Evans Democratic 31.7% Loss
S. T. Martin Prohibition 9.1% Loss
Edward J. Roher Socialist 12.2% Loss
Henry C. Bagby Democratic 47.2% Win
J. H. Hoback Socialist 7.7% Loss
C. L. Preisker Republican 45% Loss
Thomas G. Gabbert Republican 49.6% Win
J. M. Mathews Socialist 9.4% Loss
W. E. Shepherd Democratic 41% Loss
Daniel S. Hammack Democratic 21.2% Loss
Enoch A. Holtwick Prohibition 6.2% Loss
P. D. Noel Socialist 14.8% Loss
Charles H. Randall (I) Independent 24.9% Loss
W. A. Roberts Republican 32.9% Win
Freeman H. Bloodgood Republican 53.7% Win
Herman H. Holtkamp Socialist 13.8% Loss
Force Parker Democratic 27% Loss
Etta B. Taft Prohibition 5.5% Loss
Henry Stanley Benedict Republican 57.8% Win
Sallie E. Bowman Socialist 10.9% Loss
Wiley J. Phillips Prohibition 5.2% Loss
John W. Satterwhite Democratic 26% Loss
Troy Edward Burns Democratic 29.7% Loss
L. Gilbert Wilhite Socialist 18% Loss
Frank E. Woodley Republican 52.4% Win
J. Scott Allen Democratic 28.2% Loss
J. Henry Baetz Republican 31.2% Loss
Charles W. Kingsley Socialist 40.5% Win
Thomas L. Ambrose Republican 40.5% Win
William J. Coady Socialist 34.3% Loss
Benjamin F. Groves Democratic 25.2% Loss
Howard J. Fish Republican 49.1% Win
Clark McLain Democratic 17% Loss
Samuel C. Ramage Socialist 10.9% Loss
Gabrella T. Stickney Prohibition 23% Loss
Bernard Hartley Democratic 20.1% Loss
E. B. Johnson Socialist 8.4% Loss
William A. Johnstone Republican 48.2% Win
Henry L. Kuhns Prohibition 23.3% Loss
B. R. Brainard Socialist 17.9% Loss
Egbert J. Gates Republican 43.3% Win
Alice P. Woertendyke Prohibition 17.5% Loss
Fred A. Young Democratic 21.2% Loss
Charles H. Dodd Socialist 10.5% Loss
Jesse W. Robinson Prohibition 14.3% Loss
Charles L. Soyster Democratic 31.7% Loss
John H. Strine Republican 43.6% Win
Ed O. Bailey Democratic 21.5% Loss
Elijah A. Emmons Republican 36.9% Win
Alexander Kane Socialist 36.1% Loss
Lucy D. Wilhoite Prohibition 5.4% Loss
T. B. Crane Democratic 28.4% Loss
Newton Hogan Prohibition 7.8% Loss
Arthur G. Kuck Republican 51% Win
A. M. Salyer Socialist 12.8% Loss
George W. Downing Socialist 34.4% Loss
Howard A. Peairs Republican 37.5% Win
S. M. Smyser Democratic 21.3% Loss
Horace J. Winslow Prohibition 6.7% Loss
L. C. Haller Socialist Labor 12.3% Loss
Frank H. Mouser Republican 46.9% Win
Claud E. Sheckels Socialist 40.9% Loss
Lyman Farwell Republican 56.5% Win
Albert J. Peterson Socialist 12.1% Loss
Emmet H. Wilson Democratic 31.5% Loss
I. D. Mills Democratic 35.2% Loss
W. T. Mitchell Prohibition 10% Loss
J. H. Stewart Socialist 9% Loss
Hans V. Weisel Republican 45.8% Win
William H. Ellis Republican 51.8% Win
Robert M. Irving Democratic 25.8% Loss
Joseph Jarvis Prohibition 10.2% Loss
S. S. Samuels Socialist 12.1% Loss
James W. Glassford Democratic 40.4% Loss
J. W. Kramer Prohibition 7% Loss
H. W. Moorhouse Republican 52.5% Win
Kasper Bauer Socialist 16.2% Loss
Edward Cunningham Hinkle Republican 53.3% Win
Edward T. Lannon Democratic 25.7% Loss
Irving H. Skinner Prohibition 4.8% Loss
Fred E. Judson Republican 59.9% Win
E. E. Lowe Prohibition 18.7% Loss
George C. Tyler Socialist 21.3% Loss

Special Election

Special Election to fill the anticipated vacancy created by the expected resignation of State Senator Charles W. Bell (SD-36). Bell was elected to Congress in the 1912 election, and his seat became vacant.

William J. Carr Independent 75% Win
Patrick H. Quinn Independent 25% Loss