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November 6, 1906

General Election

Theodore A. Bell Democratic 37.7% Loss
James H. Blanchard Prohibition 2.4% Loss
James N. Gillett Republican 40.4% Win
William H. Langdon Independence League 14.4% Loss
Austin Lewis Socialist 5.1% Loss
Lieutenant Governor
James H. Blagg Independence League 11.7% Loss
Warren R. Porter Republican 44.4% Win
Thomas O. Toland Democratic 35.9% Loss
Frank I. Wheat Socialist 5.6% Loss
C. N. Whitmore Prohibition 2.4% Loss
Secretary of State
Alexander Beck Prohibition 2.4% Loss
C. F. Curry Republican 56.8% Win
W. V. Holloway Socialist 5.8% Loss
Arthur L. Nichols Democratic 26.9% Loss
O. E. Swain Independence League 8.1% Loss
Edward P. Colgan Republican 64.7% Win
John Markley Democratic 27% Loss
Owen H. Philbrick Socialist 5.9% Loss
A. B. Taynton Prohibition 2.3% Loss
S. S. Bagley Democratic 27.4% Loss
F. E. Haskell Union Labor 4.3% Loss
John M. Reynolds Socialist 5.9% Loss
Edward Tedford Independence League 8.3% Loss
Walter E. Vail Prohibition 2.4% Loss
William R. Williams (I) Republican 51.7% Win
Attorney General
George W. Downing Socialist 5.9% Loss
M. G. McGaslin Prohibition 2.3% Loss
W. O. Morton Democratic 32.2% Loss
U. S. Webb Republican 51.4% Win
Gessner Williams Independence League 8.3% Loss
Surveyor General
Isaac N. Chapman Independence League 8.3% Loss
John H. Kendall Prohibition 2.3% Loss
W. S. Kingsbury Republican 55.2% Win
J. C. Lane Democratic 28.2% Loss
L. D. Matthews Socialist 5.9% Loss
State Printer
John Collins Independence League 8.2% Loss
George A. Garrett Socialist 6% Loss
Wiley J. Phillips Prohibition 2.4% Loss
William W. Shannon Republican 55.8% Win
Everett I. Woodman Democratic 27.6% Loss
Clerk of the Supreme Court
Frank L. Caughey Republican 51.6% Win
W. P. Fassett Prohibition 2.4% Loss
C. M. Haybl Democratic 31.6% Loss
Edward Rainey Independence League 8.4% Loss
J. H. White Socialist 6% Loss
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Edward Hyatt Republican 59.1% Win
S. P. Meads Prohibition 2.3% Loss
Anna F. Smith Socialist 5.9% Loss
Anna Williams Democratic 32.7% Loss
A. C. Irwin Republican 51.2% Win
J. S. Lander Prohibition 1% Loss
C. E. Peters Democratic 43.7% Loss
George Williams Socialist 4.1% Loss
William J. Biggy Independence League 23.6% Loss
James H. Wilkins Democratic 22.4% Loss
Andrew M. Wilson Republican 48.5% Win
George W. Woodbey Socialist 5.5% Loss
A. C. Black Independence League 10.6% Loss
R. F. Goings Democratic 26.7% Loss
Henry Clay Needham Prohibition 3.5% Loss
Theodore Summerland Republican 51.7% Win
A. W. Youngman Socialist 7.4% Loss
C. W. Hogue Socialist 5.9% Loss
Joseph H. Scott Republican 52.6% Win
D. A. White Democratic 41.6% Loss
Alexander Brown Republican 57.4% Win
P. B. Cowdery Socialist 6.2% Loss
J. C. Downey Democratic 36.4% Loss
J. A. Collier Socialist 4.3% Loss
Richard E. Collins Republican 56.5% Win
C. W. Nutting Democratic 39.2% Loss
H. V. Blenkiron Socialist 8% Loss
John Kastle Democratic 34.8% Loss
Jeff McElvaine Republican 57.2% Win
William F. Englebright Republican 54.1% Win
F. W. Taft Democratic 39.9% Loss
R. L. Webb Prohibition 1.1% Loss
J. C. Weybright Socialist 5% Loss
W. A. Beard Democratic 44.8% Loss
A. J. Gaylord Socialist 3.4% Loss
Duncan E. McKinlay Republican 51.8% Win
Charles C. Boynton Independence League 10.1% Loss
Hugh W. Brunk Democratic 21.5% Loss
Joseph R. Knowland Republican 60% Win
William McDevitt Socialist 7% Loss
Thomas H. Montgomery Prohibition 1.3% Loss
Oliver Everett Socialist 4.4% Loss
David S. Hirshberg Democratic 33.2% Loss
Julius Kahn Republican 62.4% Win
Hiram G. Davis Democratic 41.9% Loss
E. A. Hayes Republican 52.6% Win
Joseph Lawrence Socialist 5.5% Loss
Herman E. Burbank Prohibition 2.8% Loss
Harry A. Greene Democratic 37.8% Loss
Richard Kirk Socialist 3.8% Loss
James Carson Needham Republican 55.6% Win
Levi D. Johnson Prohibition 5.6% Loss
Robert G. Laucks Democratic 28.4% Loss
James McLachlan Republican 56.8% Win
Charles Ribble Socialist 9.3% Loss
Charles A. Barlow Democratic 34.5% Loss
Noble A. Richardson Socialist 9.9% Loss
Sylvester C. Smith Republican 55.6% Win
J. A. Farmer Socialist 4.8% Loss
Abner Weed Republican 48.2% Win
James E. Wheeler Democratic 47% Loss
T. P. Exley Socialist 3.7% Loss
C. M. Hammond Republican 43% Win
John Bunyan Sanford Democratic 53.2% Loss
Albert Eugene Boynton Republican 59.7% Win
Joseph Craig Democratic 36.6% Loss
Frank Harroun Prohibition 0.9% Loss
E. W. Skinner Nonpartisan 2.7% Loss
Charles O. Dunbar Democratic 46.8% Loss
Walter Fitch Price Republican 53.2% Win
Anthony Caminetti Democratic 52.6% Win
P. V. Goodloe Socialist 3% Loss
Charles H. McKenney Republican 44.4% Loss
John Barry Curtin Democratic 54.7% Win
Bernard Mullen Socialist 4.3% Loss
H. J. Ostrander Republican 41.1% Loss
Clem Bates Republican 85.5% Win
William H. Ross Socialist 14.5% Loss
W. M. Bartlett Socialist 10.9% Loss
Frank W. Leavitt Republican 58.4% Win
C. W. Petry Union Labor 30.7% Loss
Henry Nixon Beatty Independence League 28% Loss
David Henderson Socialist 7.7% Loss
James T. Mooney Democratic 18.7% Loss
Daniel J. Reily Republican 45.7% Win
Frank French Republican 39% Loss
Thomas J. Kennedy Democratic 52.4% Win
Walter E. Walker Socialist 8.6% Loss
Gus Hartman Republican 49.7% Win
W. C. Leffingwell Socialist 4.8% Loss
Herbert O. Rogers Democratic 45.5% Loss
Marc Anthony Republican 100% Win
George W. Cartwright Democratic 49% Win
J. L. Mathews Prohibition 2% Loss
Frank H. Short Republican 45.1% Loss
James E. Turner Socialist 4% Loss
Marshall Black Republican 46.8% Win
Louis Montgomery Democratic 18.8% Loss
George M. Reed Socialist 3.5% Loss
Charles M. Shortridge Independent 30.8% Loss
Luther William Gurr Socialist 7.8% Loss
Frank P. Meserve Democratic 39% Loss
Henry M. Willis Republican 53.2% Win
Truxton Beale Republican 43% Loss
W. C. Cross Socialist 7.7% Loss
E. O. Miller Democratic 49.3% Win
Theodore W. Brotherton Nonpartisan 25% Loss
Laurence V. Glasscock Democratic 4.9% Loss
Bert Mackley Democratic 17.6% Loss
J. K. Mills Socialist 7.6% Loss
William H. Savage Republican 44.9% Win
Charles W. Bell Nonpartisan 47.9% Win
Benjamin W. Hahn Republican 37.9% Loss
Cloudesley Johns Socialist 10% Loss
George F. Thompson Prohibition 4.1% Loss
George M. Giffen Nonpartisan 27.1% Loss
Thomas S. Knowles Democratic 18.4% Loss
W. Scott Lewis Socialist 8.1% Loss
David B. Loofborrow Prohibition 2.7% Loss
H. S. G. McCartney Republican 43.6% Win
William W. Bowers Independent 21.2% Loss
Francis M. Elliott Socialist 18.5% Loss
Leroy A. Wright Republican 60.3% Win
T. J. T. Berry Republican 53.9% Win
F. C. Marlow Democratic 46.1% Loss
Charles P. Cutten Republican 56.7% Win
Charles Grambarth Democratic 38.2% Loss
J. A. Snively Socialist 5.2% Loss
Allen P. Joy Democratic 33.1% Loss
J. A. Lane Socialist 5.9% Loss
John Wilburt McClellan Republican 61% Win
J. E. Barber Democratic 45.4% Loss
N. A. Cornish Republican 46.9% Win
M. Russell Socialist 7.7% Loss
J. W. Finney Republican 52.1% Win
Carl A. Lange Democratic 44.1% Loss
A. M. Palm Socialist 3.7% Loss
Fred Harrison Socialist 7.7% Loss
W. D. L. Held Republican 46.9% Win
John C. Ruddock Democratic 45.4% Loss
William James Costar Republican 57.4% Win
George E. Harvey Democratic 36.8% Loss
H. B. Weaver Socialist 5.9% Loss
Arthur H. Hewitt Republican 91.9% Win
Paul Simmons Nonpartisan 8.1% Loss
George W. Root Republican 65.6% Win
John C. Williams Union Labor 34.4% Loss
E. S. Birdsall Republican 51.7% Win
W. E. Jones Nonpartisan 3.1% Loss
John A. Livingston Democratic 43.1% Loss
Jarrot Laban Rollins Prohibition 2.1% Loss
C. V. Matson Democratic 44.5% Loss
George F. Snyder Democratic 55.5% Win
Arthur G. Fultz Socialist 2.9% Loss
A. Hochheimer Republican 41.9% Loss
F. H. Smythe Democratic 55.2% Win
Stanley W. Collister Republican 55.3% Win
Fred F. Williamson Democratic 44.7% Loss
George W. Hoyle Democratic 44.6% Loss
Henry W. A. Weske Republican 55.4% Win
Frank W. Bush Republican 54.3% Win
Frank S. Crouch Democratic 42.4% Loss
August Mueller Socialist 3.3% Loss
J. I. McConnell Democratic 51.8% Loss
W. R. Stockton Socialist 3.6% Loss
B. J. Waterbury Republican 44.6% Win
Charles M. Beckwith Democratic 31.3% Loss
Thomas A. Cody Union Labor 20.2% Loss
Grove L. Johnson Republican 45% Win
C. F. Woodward Socialist 3.5% Loss
C. R. Armstrong Socialist 3% Loss
W. J. Fetherston Democratic 36.9% Loss
W. P. Mathews Good Government 9% Loss
Frank J. O'Brien Republican 40% Win
William Pook Union Labor 11.1% Loss
William G. Ehrhardt Socialist 5.5% Loss
George W. Hack Good Government 12.3% Loss
Edward J. Lynch Republican 51.5% Win
Thomas Waite Democratic 30.8% Loss
Frank R. Devlin Republican 61.6% Win
E. McNair Socialist 3.6% Loss
John T. Ryan Democratic 34.8% Loss
Edward I. Butler Republican 65.1% Win
A. C. Irwin Democratic 27.3% Loss
Arthur F. Irwin Union Labor 2.5% Loss
J. S. McCue Independent 2.5% Loss
Thomas P. Redmayne Socialist 2.7% Loss
William F. Belding Democratic 39.6% Loss
P. C. Campbell Republican 53.8% Win
John F. Lander Socialist 6.6% Loss
Robert Lewis Beardslee Republican 57% Win
A. L. Cowell Democratic 43% Loss
George Greenwell Democratic 46.1% Loss
Arthur E. Percival Republican 53.9% Win
T. F. Kerr Prohibition 3.9% Loss
R. K. Whitmore Republican 46.8% Win
Leon Wood Socialist 3.1% Loss
Fred W. Yokum Democratic 46.2% Loss
Edward N. Baxter Democratic 55.2% Win
V. J. F. Dieu Socialist 6.5% Loss
W. A. Monroe Republican 38.3% Loss
S. W. Austin Republican 44.5% Loss
P. W. Forbes Democratic 47.5% Win
W. F. Little Socialist 8% Loss
Peter J. Kelly Republican 100% Win
John A. Cullen Republican 100% Win
D. J. McCarthy Democratic 31.3% Loss
James A. Wilson Republican 68.7% Win
Hugo Lotzin Socialist 8.4% Loss
Daniel J. Toomey Republican 52.2% Win
Dr. Charles M. Troppmann Democratic 39.4% Loss
Patrick J. Boyle Republican 65.8% Win
H. M. C. Mangels Democratic 23.5% Loss
Henry Warneke Sr. Republican 10.7% Loss
Michael Boepple Democratic 16.7% Loss
Richard Corbett Republican 10.9% Loss
Paul F. Fratessa Republican 43.6% Win
N. C. Wienholz Independence League 28.9% Loss
Eugene D. Berri Republican 46.3% Loss
John McKeon Democratic 47.1% Win
D. C. Spaulding Socialist 6.6% Loss
Frank J. Cornish Democratic 47% Loss
Fred Hugo Hartmann Republican 47.7% Win
Richard Lutge Socialist 5.4% Loss
Eugene E. Pfaeffle Republican 38.7% Loss
T. H. Porter Socialist 5.6% Loss
John F. Twiggs Democratic 15.1% Loss
John Wessling Independence League 40.6% Win
Dennis W. Barry Republican 51.2% Win
Marcus Kragen Democratic 44.5% Loss
A. T. Regan Socialist 4.3% Loss
Charles Baer Democratic 38.7% Loss
J. Bearens Socialist 6.1% Loss
Samuel H. Beckett Republican 55.2% Win
W. H. Connelly Socialist 5.3% Loss
Charles M. Fisher Republican 43% Win
Michael I. Lynch Democratic 37.4% Loss
Henry I. Porter Union Labor 14.2% Loss
David Miller Socialist 3.5% Loss
E. T. Minnehan Democratic 39.6% Loss
Henry Thompson Republican 56.9% Win
Nathan C. Coghlan Republican 69.4% Win
Thomas Peter Crowley Independence League 26.9% Loss
E. V. Fleury Socialist 3.7% Loss
Abraham Emanuel Democratic 13.2% Loss
Samuel T. Kohlman Republican 86.8% Win
Dominic Joseph Beban Republican 82.8% Win
Neil T. Duffy Democratic 17.2% Loss
Mel Vogel Republican 100% Win
Luke Fay Democratic 32.3% Loss
Fred Hanswald Socialist 2.2% Loss
Louis Strohl Republican 65.5% Win
Henry Makepeace Socialist 5% Loss
Edward Keating Strobridge Republican 95% Win
Frank I. Macauley Democratic 34.6% Loss
Frank Otis Republican 57.2% Win
F. G. Welp Socialist 8.3% Loss
C. R. Elder Union Labor 23.2% Loss
Thomas E. Gammell Socialist 9.3% Loss
W. L. Price Democratic 14.1% Loss
Philip M. Walsh Republican 53.4% Win
John J. Burke Republican 53.5% Win
Daniel Green Democratic 6.3% Loss
Edward McGuire Union Labor 30.3% Loss
C. H. Symmes Socialist 9.9% Loss
R. M. Hamb Union Labor 25.4% Loss
John W. Stetson Republican 66.9% Win
H. C. Tuck Socialist 7.7% Loss
George J. Hans Republican 62.1% Win
W. J. Hooper Independence League 15.7% Loss
George A. Taylor Democratic 12.3% Loss
Henry Vivian Socialist 9.9% Loss
John M. Eshleman Republican 70.9% Win
C. L. Hugheson Socialist 7.7% Loss
Vanclief Wehe Democratic 21.4% Loss
Richard H. Jury Republican 72.3% Win
Robert S. Thornton Democratic 27.7% Loss
Harry C. Lucas Republican 63.4% Win
Fred H. Nohrden Democratic 36.6% Loss
G. Gunderson Socialist 3.1% Loss
John Turner Higgins Republican 59.2% Win
J. F. Mecklem Democratic 32.9% Loss
George B. Pratt Prohibition 4.7% Loss
W. W. Duham Socialist 5.1% Loss
Guy W. Smith Republican 52.1% Win
John Standley Democratic 42.9% Loss
O. A. Dodge Socialist 4.3% Loss
D. J. McGrath Democratic 37.3% Loss
Charles C. Spalding Republican 58.4% Win
John O. Davis Democratic 55.1% Win
D. F. McPhail Republican 42.6% Loss
John Thomas Socialist 2.2% Loss
William Sandholdt Jr. Democratic 46.8% Loss
John Jay Wyatt Republican 53.2% Win
W. F. Chandler Republican 47.5% Win
J. M. Kneeland Socialist 3.8% Loss
Thomas A. O'Donnell Democratic 46.5% Loss
W. W. Wharton Prohibition 2.3% Loss
T. J. Alexander Democratic 45% Loss
Alexander M. Drew Republican 48.3% Win
L. W. Harrison Socialist 4.6% Loss
E. M. Hurlburt Prohibition 2% Loss
William L. McGuire Republican 51.6% Win
William R. Quiddy Independent 4.3% Loss
F. M. Senteney Socialist 3.2% Loss
Patrick J. Talent Democratic 40.9% Loss
C. F. Iverson Socialist 5.8% Loss
Warren M. John Republican 58.3% Win
L. C. Routzahn Democratic 36% Loss
Frank E. Kellogg Independence League 34.9% Loss
Elbert M. Pyle Republican 65.1% Win
G. W. Fleisher Democratic 37.8% Loss
Frank Inglis Socialist 5.9% Loss
George Lincoln Sackett Republican 56.2% Win
O. J. Bundy Socialist 10.5% Loss
T. W. Helm Democratic 44.6% Loss
H. W. McMullin Republican 45% Win
Gideon S. Case Republican 51% Win
Newell J. Davis Prohibition 7.4% Loss
E. D. Goode Democratic 32.4% Loss
Charles A. McKinley Socialist 9.1% Loss
Prescott F. Cogswell Republican 61.4% Win
W. V. Griggs Socialist 6.9% Loss
J. H. McClymonds Democratic 21.6% Loss
Henry K. Miller Prohibition 10.1% Loss
Arthur R. Graham Prohibition 6.4% Loss
H. A. Nichols Socialist 9.7% Loss
Newton Warner Thompson Republican 83.9% Win
W. C. Bowman Socialist 10.1% Loss
Benjamin Davis Jr. Democratic 23.5% Loss
Walter R. Leeds Republican 60.4% Win
Nelson Ward Prohibition 6% Loss
William L. Brown Nonpartisan 29.7% Loss
Arthur F. Carter Prohibition 2.9% Loss
W. A. Leach Socialist 7.9% Loss
Philip A. Stanton Republican 59.4% Win
Frank G. Henderson Democratic 45.7% Loss
Norman McDonald Socialist 5.8% Loss
Fred E. Pierce Republican 46% Win
Robert Yeager Prohibition 2.5% Loss
A. Guy Smith (II) Socialist 10.6% Loss
John Topham Democratic 43.5% Loss
Jacob P. Transue Republican 45.9% Win
Robson O. Bell Republican 44.1% Win
F. L. Cook Socialist 10.5% Loss
Marshall W. Stimson Democratic 42.2% Loss
Charles W. Tarr Prohibition 3.2% Loss
Asa Adams Prohibition 2.1% Loss
Percy V. Hammon Republican 45.5% Win
Frank B. Romo Democratic 14.5% Loss
Henry S. Williams Nonpartisan 30.1% Loss
Walter L. Young Socialist 7.9% Loss
B. J. Cloes Prohibition 5.6% Loss
William Fletcher Lemon Republican 50.4% Win
Noah Lee Levering Democratic 36.8% Loss
William Smith Socialist 7.2% Loss
Clyde Bishop Republican 56.2% Win
Marion A. Menges Democratic 36.7% Loss
B. F. Young Socialist 7.1% Loss
Lloyd H. Edmiston Socialist 12% Loss
Miguel Estudillo Republican 62.6% Win
K. D. Harger Democratic 25.4% Loss
A. E. Dodson Independent 0.4% Loss
A. E. Dodson Democratic 40.3% Loss
W. F. Ludington Republican 45.2% Win
J. Albert Mallory Socialist 14.1% Loss
V. E. Handley Democratic 32% Loss
Percy A. Johnson Republican 52.6% Win
F. W. Pittinger Socialist 15.4% Loss

Special Election

Special Election to fill the vacancies created by the resignations of Congressman James N. Gillett (CD-01) and State Senator Thomas H. Selvage (SD-01), and the vacancy created by the expulsion of State Senator Eli Wright (SD-27).

Gillett resigned after being elected Governor.

William F. Englebright Republican 95.2% Win
F. W. Taft Democratic 2.8% Loss
R. L. Webb Prohibition 0.3% Loss
J. C. Weybright Socialist 1.7% Loss
Everett Logan Democratic 43.5% Loss
George T. Rolley Republican 56.5% Win
Byron Hascall Socialist 4.5% Loss
F. N. Smith Democratic 36% Loss
George S. Walker Republican 59.5% Win