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November 8, 1910

General Election

Theodore A. Bell Democratic 40.1% Loss
Hiram Johnson Republican 45.9% Win
S. P. Meads Prohibition 1.5% Loss
J. Stitt Wilson Socialist 12.4% Loss
Lieutenant Governor
Marshall W. Atwood Prohibition 1.5% Loss
Timothy Spellacy Democratic 41.1% Loss
Albert J. Wallace Republican 45.1% Win
Fred C. Wheeler Socialist 12.3% Loss
Secretary of State
Simeon S. Bayley Democratic 29.8% Loss
Edward Adams Cantrell Socialist 11.5% Loss
Lucius C. Dale Prohibition 1.9% Loss
Frank C. Jordan Republican 56.8% Win
W. S. Deeds Socialist 11.7% Loss
A. B. Nye Republican 86.4% Win
C. V. Sturdevant Prohibition 1.9% Loss
A. E. Briggs Socialist 11.5% Loss
W. P. Fassett Prohibition 1.9% Loss
Tupper S. Malone Democratic 29% Loss
William R. Williams (I) Republican 57.5% Win
Attorney General
Henry Ford Socialist 11.4% Loss
J. E. Pemberton Democratic 28% Loss
Wallace M. Pence Prohibition 1.8% Loss
U. S. Webb Republican 58.7% Win
Surveyor General
R. Gilhousen Socialist 11.5% Loss
W. S. Kingsbury Republican 56.3% Win
E. W. Nolan Democratic 30.2% Loss
Harry V. Wheeler Prohibition 2% Loss
State Printer
Francis M. Elliott Socialist 11.4% Loss
Clarence J. Kinne Prohibition 1.9% Loss
W. W. Ravenscroft Democratic 28.2% Loss
William W. Shannon Republican 58.5% Win
Clerk of the Supreme Court
Hiram A. Blanchard Democratic 30.9% Loss
Frederick Head Prohibition 2% Loss
M. E. Shore Socialist 11.5% Loss
B. Grant Taylor Republican 55.6% Win
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Perry O. Cole Prohibition 1.8% Loss
Agnes H. Downing Socialist 11.5% Loss
Edward Hyatt Republican 55.5% Win
Thomas H. Kirk Democratic 31.1% Loss
C. L. Browning Democratic 37.4% Loss
Alexander Gordon (II) Republican 53.9% Win
John Messer Socialist 7.8% Loss
C. L. Wheeler Prohibition 0.9% Loss
L. Fortin Socialist 11.5% Loss
Barclay Henley Democratic 35.6% Loss
Harvey D. Loveland Republican 52.5% Win
O. Rasmussen Prohibition 0.3% Loss
John M. Eshleman Republican 56% Win
E. W. Evans Socialist 12.8% Loss
W. C. Wall Democratic 28.5% Loss
John Whitson Prohibition 2.6% Loss
S. Fear Prohibition 0.3% Loss
Edward R. Rock Democratic 37.1% Loss
Edward M. Rolkin Republican 50.6% Win
Joseph H. Scott Independence League 0.5% Loss
A. Tymcio Socialist 11.5% Loss
J. N. Christian Prohibition 1.4% Loss
A. S. Gagnon Socialist 11.4% Loss
Frank Gavin Democratic 31% Loss
John Mitchell Republican 56.1% Win
Richard E. Collins Republican 90.5% Win
A. C. McArthur Socialist 8.5% Loss
J. J. Smith Prohibition 0.9% Loss
James H. Boyd Democratic 29.5% Loss
J. J. Hicks Socialist 12.5% Loss
Jeff McElvaine Republican 55% Win
A. K. Nash Prohibition 2.9% Loss
William F. Englebright Republican 45.1% Loss
C. H. Essex Prohibition 0.7% Loss
William Morgan Socialist 8.8% Loss
John E. Raker Democratic 45.4% Win
W. H. Ferber Socialist 5.2% Loss
William Kent Republican 50.1% Win
Henry P. Stipp Prohibition 0.7% Loss
I. G. Zumwalt Democratic 44% Loss
James N. Christian Prohibition 2.2% Loss
Joseph R. Knowland Republican 81.9% Win
S. Miller Socialist 15.9% Loss
E. F. Dinsmore Prohibition 0.2% Loss
Julius Kahn Republican 56.5% Win
Austin Lewis Socialist 6.5% Loss
Walter MacArthur Democratic 36.8% Loss
T. E. Caton Prohibition 0.6% Loss
Thomas E. Hayden Democratic 27.4% Loss
E. A. Hayes Republican 59.4% Win
E. L. Reguin Socialist 12.6% Loss
A. L. Cowell Democratic 44.2% Loss
Richard Kirk Socialist 6.2% Loss
James Carson Needham Republican 47.3% Win
Ira E. Surface Prohibition 2.3% Loss
Lorin A. Handley Democratic 21.5% Loss
C. V. LeFontaine Prohibition 3.2% Loss
William D. Stephens Republican 58.7% Win
Thomas W. Williams Socialist 16.6% Loss
James S. Edwards Prohibition 2.5% Loss
George A. Garrett Socialist 13.1% Loss
William G. Irving Democratic 33.9% Loss
Sylvester C. Smith Republican 50.5% Win
H. L. Bishop Socialist 6.6% Loss
E. C. Bonner Republican 45.5% Loss
T. W. H. Shanahan Democratic 47.9% Win
John H. Graves Republican 39.9% Loss
George McGowan Prohibition 0.6% Loss
John Bunyan Sanford Democratic 59.5% Win
Albert Eugene Boynton Republican 98.4% Win
W. P. Stipp Prohibition 1.6% Loss
J. W. Jamison Socialist 6.3% Loss
Louis W. Juilliard Democratic 51.7% Win
C. S. Pitts Prohibition 1% Loss
Walter Fitch Price Republican 41% Loss
Anthony Caminetti Democratic 57.8% Win
J. C. Donner Socialist 0.4% Loss
J. C. Dorser Nonpartisan 3.3% Loss
Clark Howard Republican 38.5% Loss
John Barry Curtin Democratic 49% Win
Lewis L. Dennett Republican 42.1% Loss
F. F. Kerr Prohibition 3.1% Loss
S. L. Kingery Socialist 5.8% Loss
George J. Hans Republican 55.7% Win
W. S. Kerr Prohibition 2.6% Loss
W. J. Loomis Socialist 25.2% Loss
John Ralph Wilson Democratic 16.5% Loss
Hiram A. Luttrell Democratic 16.7% Loss
R. T. McIvor Socialist 18.5% Loss
Edward J. Tyrrell Republican 64.7% Win
K. J. Doyle Socialist 15.4% Loss
B. E. Paddock Prohibition 0.4% Loss
Daniel P. Regan Republican 53.3% Win
Thomas M. Searey Democratic 30.9% Loss
Edward F. Bryant Republican 42.7% Win
C. W. Johnson Prohibition 0.5% Loss
Thomas J. Kennedy Democratic 39.1% Loss
David Milder Socialist 17.4% Loss
Alvin Plummer Independence League 0.3% Loss
John J. Cassidy Republican 54.8% Win
Edwin E. Grant Democratic 37.4% Loss
M. H. Morris Socialist 7.8% Loss
Dominic Joseph Beban Republican 57.2% Win
Henry W. Osthoff Democratic 15.7% Loss
James A. Snook Nonpartisan 22.6% Loss
J. M. Sutherland Socialist 4.4% Loss
George W. Cartwright Democratic 51.7% Win
Alexander M. Drew Republican 39.9% Loss
J. R. Jackson Prohibition 1.5% Loss
Charles W. Williamson Socialist 6.9% Loss
Marshall Black Republican 53.4% Win
Carl Bracher Socialist 6.9% Loss
James W. Rea Democratic 39.7% Loss
W. S. Anderson Socialist 10.8% Loss
J. S. Armstrong Prohibition 4% Loss
John L. Avey Republican 54.3% Win
Charles Patrick Huey Democratic 30.9% Loss
W. A. Bates Socialist 4.4% Loss
D. O. Clelland Prohibition 0.7% Loss
J. W. P. Laird Democratic 45.8% Loss
E. O. Larkins Republican 49.1% Win
B. R. Brainard Socialist 16.7% Loss
Eugene P. M. Creutz Democratic 19.5% Loss
Lee C. Gates Republican 61.2% Win
S. H. Taft Prohibition 2.7% Loss
Charles W. Bell Republican 54.6% Win
William J. Coady Socialist 23.8% Loss
Arthur R. Graham Prohibition 3.4% Loss
Daniel M. Hammack Democratic 18.1% Loss
Martin Bekins Democratic 22.9% Loss
John Clifford Socialist 20.9% Loss
C. E. Gilhousen Prohibition 1.4% Loss
Leslie R. Hewitt Republican 54.7% Win
John D. Hammonds Democratic 26.9% Loss
E. C. Page Socialist 19.1% Loss
Leroy A. Wright Republican 54% Win
George E. Malone Republican 52.5% Win
H. B. Ream Democratic 47.5% Loss
George Keeling Socialist 32.5% Loss
William Kehoe Republican 67.5% Win
N. E. Baldry Nonpartisan 9.4% Loss
Gustavus A. Jasper Republican 53.4% Win
Henry M. Marvel Democratic 37.2% Loss
C. R. Caudle Prohibition 1% Loss
D. N. Cunningham Socialist 8.8% Loss
S. C. Dick Democratic 38.6% Loss
James H. Tibbits Republican 51.6% Win
James E. Hatch Socialist 6.4% Loss
Harry Polsley Democratic 48.8% Win
George S. Redstreake Republican 44.8% Loss
W. D. L. Held Republican 52.4% Win
E. S. Scott Socialist 5.9% Loss
James Stitt Prohibition 0.5% Loss
Francis M. Weger Democratic 41.2% Loss
P. F. Bullington Republican 43% Loss
A. J. Gaylord Socialist 6.8% Loss
John H. Guill Jr. Democratic 48.9% Win
W. M. Moreland Prohibition 1.2% Loss
Arthur H. Hewitt Republican 100% Win
A. M. Clark Socialist 22.9% Loss
Frank M. Rutherford Republican 77.1% Win
J. A. Ferguson Democratic 45% Loss
Edwin C. Gaylord Republican 49.9% Win
G. A. Tappan Socialist 5% Loss
Irving Hill Democratic 42.2% Loss
R. Rasmussen Socialist 3.8% Loss
Ferdinand G. Stevenot Republican 54% Win
G. W. Fifield Socialist 3.2% Loss
O. T. Griner Prohibition 1.1% Loss
John L. Mendenhall Democratic 95.6% Win
R. F. Chadwick Socialist 7% Loss
James W. Hamilton Republican 52.4% Win
Ole Johnson Prohibition 1.3% Loss
F. H. Phillips Democratic 39.3% Loss
Herbert W. Slater Democratic 51.6% Win
Niles F. Spencer Socialist 6.3% Loss
Henry W. A. Weske Republican 42.1% Loss
J. C. Carroll Socialist 5.5% Loss
C. Chinn Democratic 33% Loss
Walter B. Griffiths Republican 61.4% Win
Walter Colby Socialist 4% Loss
G. P. Hurst Prohibition 0.8% Loss
George W. Pierce Republican 42.4% Loss
Lawrence H. Wilson Democratic 52.9% Win
Charles A. Bliss Republican 77.8% Win
Grove L. Johnson Prohibition 15.5% Loss
E. L. Macy Socialist 6.8% Loss
John C. March Republican 91.2% Win
Lee Purcell Socialist 8.8% Loss
William G. Ehrhardt Socialist 11.9% Loss
Edward J. Lynch Republican 88.1% Win
John Roche Cronin Republican 49.5% Win
James B. McCauley Democratic 41.9% Loss
C. R. Miller Socialist 8.6% Loss
George H. Harlan Republican 89.3% Win
L. Leonhart Nonpartisan 10.7% Loss
John Dahlstrom Socialist 10.6% Loss
M. R. Jones Republican 88% Win
William Schaffer Prohibition 1.4% Loss
Ben Berry Democratic 38.6% Loss
E. H. McGowen Republican 55.1% Win
G. E. Shepard Nonpartisan 6.3% Loss
Ira A. Pepper Nonpartisan 4.4% Loss
G. M. Steele Republican 40.2% Loss
J. W. Stuckenbruck Democratic 55.5% Win
Thomas F. Griffin Democratic 50.4% Win
Ernest D. Kahl Prohibition 3.8% Loss
Gustave Raemsch Socialist 7.5% Loss
D. B. Thompson Republican 38.3% Loss
John C. Davis Democratic 37.7% Loss
V. J. F. Dieu Socialist 5.2% Loss
Dan E. Williams Republican 57.1% Win
Aubrey M. Lumley Democratic 41.5% Loss
James H. Stevens Socialist 7.4% Loss
George Washington Wyllie Republican 51.2% Win
Andrew Cunningham Republican 75.6% Win
G. L. Dudley Socialist 18.6% Loss
L. E. Goble Prohibition 0.6% Loss
William F. Hahn Nonpartisan 5.2% Loss
Charles H. McGreevy Democratic 27.1% Loss
W. A. Patton Socialist 13.5% Loss
Daniel Rimlinger Republican 59.5% Win
William Doell Democratic 37.6% Loss
Robert Larkins Socialist 10.5% Loss
J. E. Mullally Republican 51.5% Win
R. L. Shelton Prohibition 0.4% Loss
David Henderson Socialist 13.4% Loss
John T. Kane Democratic 35.1% Loss
Walter A. McDonald Republican 51.5% Win
I. L. Hunnicutt Prohibition 0.2% Loss
William P. Kennedy Republican 56.8% Win
E. A. Murphy Democratic 25.4% Loss
William Schafer Socialist 17.6% Loss
John A. Keefe Democratic 32.3% Loss
E. F. Porter Independence League Loss
James J. Ryan Republican 45.8% Win
Walter E. Walker Socialist 21.9% Loss
A. W. Adams Independence League 0.5% Loss
Thomas J. Feeley Republican 54.7% Win
John McKeon Democratic 30.2% Loss
Peter Morch Socialist 13.9% Loss
W. Robinson Prohibition 0.7% Loss
W. A. Burghard Independence League 0.5% Loss
Frederick Carsten Gerdes Republican 84.4% Win
Joseph Rowell Prohibition 0.5% Loss
John C. Wesley Socialist 14.7% Loss
Henry Nixon Beatty Republican 80.8% Win
C. W. Hogue Socialist 18.6% Loss
Henry Verhalen Prohibition 0.6% Loss
E. J. Baumberger Republican 45.5% Loss
Jno. Birkenshaw Prohibition 0.2% Loss
Leon Oppenheim Socialist 7.3% Loss
Edward P. Walsh Democratic 46.9% Win
Herman M. Levy Democratic 34.2% Loss
Edward J. D. Nolan Republican 54.9% Win
George Styche Socialist 10.9% Loss
Walter T. Lyon Democratic 46.3% Win
Junius Schmidt Socialist 8.6% Loss
H. Wesson Independence League 0.1% Loss
J. E. White Republican 45.1% Loss
Marius J. Kast Democratic 33.3% Loss
J. Lauray Independence League 0.1% Loss
Joseph Moore Socialist 6.2% Loss
Milton L. Schmitt Republican 60.3% Win
Nathan C. Coghlan Republican 53.9% Win
Charles W. Moores Democratic 41.8% Loss
Arthur Yturriaga Nonpartisan 4.3% Loss
Arthur Joel Republican 73.2% Win
D. D. Kearns Democratic 22% Loss
William H. Williams (II) Socialist 4.8% Loss
Allen K. Gifford Socialist 3.2% Loss
Charles W. Mason Democratic 37% Loss
Frank N. Rodgers Republican 56.6% Win
E. D. Wilbur Nonpartisan 3.3% Loss
Timothy Michael McGrath Democratic 26.1% Loss
W. S. Mitchell Socialist 7% Loss
Victor A. Sbragia Republican 66.9% Win
Rollar Allen Socialist 4.5% Loss
D. M. Denegri Republican 53.9% Win
Charles Lightner Democratic 41.6% Loss
C. M. Buck Prohibition 2.1% Loss
T. P. Exley Socialist 5% Loss
A. A. Rogers Republican 92.8% Win
Sumner Crosby Republican 60.7% Win
Frank M. Dodd Nonpartisan 16.7% Loss
L. G. Lewis Prohibition 2.3% Loss
Alfred L. Morgenstern Union Labor 5.7% Loss
J. W. Powell Socialist 14.6% Loss
Robert J. Callaghan Republican 67.8% Win
P. G. Linaweaver Prohibition 1.5% Loss
J. B. Osborne Socialist 15.8% Loss
E. M. Railton Nonpartisan 15% Loss
George Fitzgerald Republican 78.8% Win
E. L. Rich Prohibition 3.3% Loss
O. Seifert Socialist 17.9% Loss
William C. Clark Republican 85.5% Win
H. C. Tuck Socialist 13.2% Loss
H. C. Walcott Nonpartisan 1.3% Loss
Franklin Rhoda Prohibition 3% Loss
Frank M. Smith Republican 67.1% Win
C. H. Stocking Socialist 29.9% Loss
F. W. Dorn Nonpartisan 17.3% Loss
William J. Gebbie Socialist 13.9% Loss
Samuel C. Haight Prohibition 2.5% Loss
C. C. Young Republican 66.3% Win
Henry Ward Brown Republican 55.2% Win
John F. Davis Democratic 35.6% Loss
Hy. Meyer Socialist 9.2% Loss
W. H. Aiken Republican 41.8% Loss
Alexander Beck Prohibition 3.2% Loss
M. A. Buswell Socialist 6.1% Loss
John B. Maher Democratic 48.9% Win
E. Gillman Democratic 33.7% Loss
W. O. Goold Prohibition 2.8% Loss
Paul McReynolds Socialist 6.6% Loss
Robert L. Telfer Republican 56.9% Win
C. Alexander Socialist 9.4% Loss
Lewis Dan Bohnett Republican 53.1% Win
George A. Walter Democratic 37.5% Loss
S. M. Cuthbertson Democratic 24% Loss
G. A. Freeman Prohibition 2% Loss
Daniel R. Hayes Republican 67.3% Win
J. B. Long Socialist 6.8% Loss
S. G. Button Socialist 22% Loss
William Read Flint Republican 78% Win
Frank S. Clark Prohibition 2.5% Loss
James Hatch Socialist 2.8% Loss
John C. Lozier Democratic 44% Loss
Charles B. Rosendale Republican 50.6% Win
W. F. Chandler Republican 49.3% Win
M. G. Gallaher Democratic 41.1% Loss
J. W. Hudson Prohibition 1.7% Loss
G. T. Rogers Socialist 8% Loss
J. W. Hudson Prohibition 1.8% Loss
William Story Socialist 7.1% Loss
S. L. Strother Democratic 37.5% Loss
W. A. Sutherland Republican 53.5% Win
William R. McQuiddy Prohibition 1.3% Loss
Frank J. Walker Republican 49.5% Win
W. J. Welter Democratic 49.3% Loss
John F. Beckett Republican 43.7% Win
Irvin Roscoe Cammack Socialist 16.4% Loss
Wilmot Dow Wood Democratic 39.9% Loss
Henry C. Bagby Democratic 45.2% Loss
C. L. Preisker Republican 47.8% Win
J. W. Starkweather Nonpartisan 7.1% Loss
H. L. Matthews Socialist 9.4% Loss
David Wallace Mott Republican 86.9% Win
George W. Parnell Prohibition 3.7% Loss
A. E. Beckes Republican 43.7% Loss
E. H. Crooks Nonpartisan 0.7% Loss
Fred H. Hall Democratic 55.6% Win
Harvey G. Cattell Republican 60.2% Win
Ray E. Goode Democratic 21.6% Loss
W. T. Sones Prohibition 5.8% Loss
L. Gilbert Wilhite Socialist 12.4% Loss
Prescott F. Cogswell Republican 86.6% Win
Clarence H. Lee Socialist 8.2% Loss
M. G. McCaslin Prohibition 5.2% Loss
William E. Hinshaw Republican 57.4% Win
Goerge L. Hoodenpyl Democratic 20.9% Loss
G. H. Perry Socialist 17.5% Loss
J. P. Squire Prohibition 4.2% Loss
Edwin M. Butler Republican 54.7% Win
William A. Gaines Democratic 22.6% Loss
Charles Stegner Socialist 20.2% Loss
Horace J. Winslow Prohibition 2.6% Loss
W. M. Brown Prohibition 1.7% Loss
A. C. Doughty Socialist 19.3% Loss
Lyman Farwell Republican 55.3% Win
Thomas S. Knowles Democratic 23.7% Loss
Henry Stanley Benedict Republican 60.4% Win
Charles O. Hawley Democratic 25.3% Loss
William Knickrehm Prohibition 1.3% Loss
W. Scott Lewis Socialist 13% Loss
A. F. Lindwall Socialist 23.3% Loss
Henry H. Lyon Republican 52.4% Win
Edwin C. Mayham Democratic 24.3% Loss
C. F. Grow Socialist 22.7% Loss
William J. Hanlon Nonpartisan 1.9% Loss
Charles H. Randall (I) Republican 54.2% Win
John I. Stafford Democratic 21.2% Loss
T. A. Ashbridge Prohibition 1.5% Loss
Louis G. Guernsey Democratic 38.1% Loss
William A. Lamb Republican 46.3% Win
C. H. Stockwell Socialist 14.1% Loss
Asa Adams Prohibition 4.2% Loss
Cornelius G. H. Bennink Republican 51.7% Win
Noah Lee Levering Democratic 32.5% Loss
Noble A. Richardson Socialist 11.6% Loss
Clyde Bishop Republican 55.2% Win
S. H. Finley Democratic 33.6% Loss
D. Edson Smith Socialist 6.7% Loss
Amos Wright Prohibition 4.5% Loss
Lloyd H. Edmiston Socialist 12.6% Loss
C. L. Emerson Prohibition 4.7% Loss
George Robert Freeman Republican 58.3% Win
T. T. Porteous Democratic 24.3% Loss
B. P. Carpenter Socialist 20.9% Loss
Edward Cunningham Hinkle Republican 79.1% Win
Benjamin P. Carpenter Nonpartisan 5.2% Loss
Fred E. Judson Republican 53.4% Win
H. J. Messenger Democratic 41.4% Loss

Elected by Legislature Election

John D. Works Republican Win