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November 6, 1900

General Election

William Jennings Bryan Democratic 41.3% Loss
Eugene V. Debs Social Democratic 2.5% Loss
William McKinley Republican 54.5% Win
John G. Wooley Prohibition 1.7% Loss
Charles T. Clark Clark Prohibition 0.8% Loss
Frank L. Coombs Republican 55.3% Win
James F. Farraher Democratic 42.4% Loss
William Morgan Social Democratic 1.6% Loss
W. H. Barron Prohibition 0.8% Loss
W. F. Lockwood Social Democratic 0.9% Loss
J. D. Sproul Democratic 47.9% Loss
Samuel D. Woods Republican 50.4% Win
R. A. Dague Social Democratic 2.6% Loss
Frank Freeman Democratic 38% Loss
Alvin W. Holt Prohibition 1.1% Loss
Victor H. Metcalf Republican 58.3% Win
R. Porter Ashe Democratic 38.2% Loss
G. B. Benham Social Democratic 2.2% Loss
Julius Kahn Republican 55.7% Win
Charles C. O'Donnell Independent 3.6% Loss
Joseph Rowell Prohibition 0.3% Loss
Fred E. Caton Prohibition 0.8% Loss
J. H. Henry Democratic 41.3% Loss
C. H. King Sr. Social Democratic 2.2% Loss
Eugene F. Loud Republican 55.7% Win
James Campbell Prohibition 3.2% Loss
William Graves Democratic 37.9% Loss
James McLachlan Republican 51.8% Win
H. G. Wilshire Social Democratic 7% Loss
W. D. Crichton Democratic 42.4% Loss
A. H. Hensley Prohibition 2.1% Loss
James Carson Needham Republican 52.4% Win
Noble A. Richardson Social Democratic 3.1% Loss
Thomas H. Selvage Republican 68.2% Win
F. W. Taft Democratic 31.8% Loss
H. L. Moody Democratic 39.3% Loss
John R. Tyrrell Republican 60.7% Win
F. C. Davis Nonpartisan Loss
William B. Lardner Republican 50% Win
Ben P. Taylor Democratic 50% Loss
Robert Corlett Republican 52.4% Win
Charles Hugo Farman Prohibition 2.9% Loss
Samuel W. Kenyon Democratic 44.6% Loss
A. Muller Nonpartisan Loss
C. C. Donoho Social Democratic 2.5% Loss
John J. Luchsinger Republican 56.8% Win
Guy Shirley Democratic 40.7% Loss
Charles M. Belshaw Republican 52.1% Win
William Shafer Prohibition 0.5% Loss
James H. Wilkins Democratic 47.4% Loss
Robert T. Devlin Republican 53.8% Win
Gillis Doty Democratic 46.2% Loss
Henry Archibald Nonpartisan Loss
J. F. Kline Nonpartisan 0.1% Loss
August E. Muenter Republican 57.3% Win
Stark B. Smith Democratic 41.8% Loss
R. F. Wilson Nonpartisan 0.8% Loss
James E. Flynn Republican 43% Loss
H. H. Luse Nonpartisan 0.6% Loss
Joseph M. Plunkett Democratic 51% Win
T. E. Zant Nonpartisan 5.4% Loss
Thomas E. Curran Democratic 32.3% Loss
F. N. Hayman Nonpartisan 4.3% Loss
A. F. Hinz Nonpartisan 0.6% Loss
Richard J. Welch Republican 62.8% Win
H. G. Pendleton Nonpartisan 0.3% Loss
Horace W. Philbrook Nonpartisan 10.1% Loss
W. Stilz Nonpartisan 1.7% Loss
William E. White Democratic 36.6% Loss
Edward I. "Ed" Wolfe Republican 51.3% Win
John G. Tyrrell Republican 52.9% Win
Walter E. Walker Nonpartisan 4% Loss
Louis G. Ward Democratic 42.5% Loss
M. A. Wheaton Nonpartisan 0.6% Loss
W. J. H. Barnes Nonpartisan 0.6% Loss
John Messer Nonpartisan 2.8% Loss
John H. Nelson Republican 49.4% Win
John J. O'Connell Democratic 47.1% Loss
James Andrew Nonpartisan 3.8% Loss
Hansford B. Griffith Democratic 25.1% Loss
George Russell Lukens Republican 68.8% Win
C. G. May Nonpartisan 2.3% Loss
James D. Byrnes Republican 58.6% Win
R. I. Knapp Nonpartisan 2.9% Loss
Robert S. Thornton Democratic 38.6% Loss
T. B. Bell Social Democratic 1.2% Loss
James Carson Democratic 29.9% Loss
W. R. Lyon Independent 21.9% Loss
Louis Oneal Republican 45.3% Win
G. O. Ross Nonpartisan 0.4% Loss
Robert Summers Prohibition 1.4% Loss
John K. Alexander Democratic 47.4% Loss
Thomas Flint Jr. Republican 52.6% Win
Charles B. Greenwell Republican 58.3% Win
C. A. La Fever Nonpartisan Loss
E. M. Sheridan Democratic 41.6% Loss
R. F. Thomas Nonpartisan Loss
W. H. Herrington Nonpartisan Loss
J. D. Requa Prohibition 2.8% Loss
Frederick M. Smith Republican 55.7% Win
William W. Stephens Democratic 37.3% Loss
S. P. Tuttle Nonpartisan Loss
Fred C. Wheeler Nonpartisan 4.2% Loss
Albert A. Caldwell Republican 55.6% Win
W. B. Hunter Social Democratic 3.3% Loss
B. H. Jacobs Prohibition 0.1% Loss
Frank P. Meserve Democratic 41% Loss
S. C. Bailey Nonpartisan 1.6% Loss
T. J. T. Berry Republican 52.3% Win
Thomas Duffy Democratic 46.1% Loss
George Peck Republican Loss
M. J. McConaghy Democratic 43.1% Loss
Newell M. Palmer Nonpartisan 4.3% Loss
Mel P. Roberts Republican 52.6% Win
V. G. Higgins Nonpartisan 2.7% Loss
Brice H. McNeil Republican 61.8% Win
H. H. Niebur Democratic 35.4% Loss
H. S. Gans Republican 50.7% Win
Henry M. McGuinness Democratic 49.3% Loss
Charles C. Auble Republican 47.3% Win
L. F. Bassett Nonpartisan Loss
James A. Hubbard Democratic 52.5% Loss
T. A. Hubbard Nonpartisan Loss
J. F. McKenzie Nonpartisan 0.1% Loss
N. Bieber Nonpartisan Loss
J. W. Fritter Democratic 42.7% Loss
John B. Irish Republican 55% Win
L. E. Leonard Nonpartisan 2.3% Loss
Barnabas Collins Republican 51.4% Win
J. W. Roper Democratic 48.6% Loss
Lawrence Schillig Republican 50.7% Win
Harry P. Stabler Democratic 49.3% Loss
Hiram G. Evans Nonpartisan 0.6% Loss
William Hanen Republican 52.3% Win
John C. Ruddock Democratic 47.2% Loss
Thomas J. Sheridan Democratic 50% Win
H. P. Stipp Nonpartisan 2.3% Loss
Ernest Weyand Republican 44.8% Loss
Frank Wulff Nonpartisan 3% Loss
J. F. Chiles Democratic 50.6% Win
W. F. Fassett Prohibition 2.2% Loss
J. G. Fredericks Republican 47.2% Loss
Charles W. Kitts Democratic 47.4% Loss
Frank M. Rutherford Republican 52.6% Win
Frank A. Duryea Republican 53.9% Win
J. J. Sullivan Democratic 46.1% Loss
William Archibald Republican 49.7% Loss
S. W. Irving Democratic 50.3% Win
A. L. Adams Democratic 48.9% Loss
Frederick L. Stewart Republican 51.1% Win
J. D. Cornolly Democratic 43.6% Loss
Frank A. Cromwell Republican 56.3% Win
W. H. Pepper Nonpartisan Loss
W. F. Cowan Democratic 51.9% Win
H. N. N. Latimer Republican 48.1% Loss
N. E. Boyd Democratic 46.9% Loss
George W. Toole Prohibition 1.8% Loss
Edward L. Webber Republican 51.3% Win
Alden Anderson Republican 58.6% Win
William Gnauck Social Democratic 3% Loss
T. L. Killkenny Democratic 38.5% Loss
M. A. De Lew Democratic 45.5% Loss
Grove L. Johnson Republican 54.5% Win
Judson C. Brusie Republican 42% Loss
Louis F. Reeber Democratic 58% Win
William Walter Greer Republican 57.1% Win
T. H. McDerby Democratic 42.9% Loss
John W. Atherton Republican 53.7% Win
J. Emmet Hayden Democratic 45.5% Loss
A. J. Todd Prohibition 0.7% Loss
M. B. Ivory Republican 43.8% Loss
A. Richardson Nonpartisan 0.6% Loss
Arthur Williams Democratic 55.6% Win
Albert Archibald Nonpartisan 0.5% Loss
A. A. Cowell Nonpartisan 0.7% Loss
Frank E. Dunlap Republican 56.2% Win
E. E. Trift Democratic 42.6% Loss
F. H. Kincaid Democratic 51.2% Win
W. S. Reyner Republican 48.8% Loss
S. F. Moser Nonpartisan Loss
William C. Ralston Republican 63.6% Win
John M. Shepherd Democratic 36.4% Loss
Charles R. Franklin Republican 47.7% Win
G. Hatch Nonpartisan 5.3% Loss
Eugene F. Lacy Democratic 47% Loss
Jeremiah F. Collins Republican 48.5% Win
Thomas J. Horan Democratic 46.2% Loss
Peter Parson Nonpartisan 5.4% Loss
S. C. Briggs Nonpartisan 0.8% Loss
Michael McBride Republican 38.8% Loss
George J. McLaughlin Democratic 55% Win
Sam Rothenstein Nonpartisan 5.4% Loss
John J. Hourigan Republican 52.3% Win
A. J. Oliver Nonpartisan 5.2% Loss
John G. Sullivan Democratic 42.5% Loss
A. L. Casavan Nonpartisan 0.5% Loss
W. J. Evatt Republican 49.5% Win
Hugo Lotzin Nonpartisan 4.1% Loss
Charles M. Thompson Democratic 46% Loss
John Barduhn Nonpartisan 7.2% Loss
John Butler Republican 47.8% Win
Joseph X. Strand Democratic 45% Loss
Charles E. Fisher Nonpartisan 2.1% Loss
William D. Haynes Democratic 45.4% Loss
Edward D. Knight Republican 49% Win
J. G. Levensaler Nonpartisan 0.5% Loss
Max Schwind Nonpartisan 3% Loss
N. V. Hanson Nonpartisan 4.3% Loss
Edward F. Treadwell Republican 59% Win
John A. Zollver Democratic 36.6% Loss
William J. Guilfoyle Republican 54.1% Win
William Lenner Nonpartisan 4.6% Loss
James H. McCormick Democratic 40.2% Loss
C. B. Williams Nonpartisan 1.1% Loss
H. C. Andresen Nonpartisan 2.2% Loss
Arthur G. Fisk Republican 63.9% Win
Andrew McCollock Democratic 33.9% Loss
L. De Ville Nonpartisan 2.1% Loss
R. W. Roberts Republican 45.3% Loss
Bert Schlesinger Democratic 52.5% Win
Frank D. MacBeth Republican 56% Win
William T. McClain Democratic 41% Loss
Andrew G. Swanson Nonpartisan 3.1% Loss
Hamilton A. Bauer Republican 60.7% Win
Solomon P. Elias Democratic 36.7% Loss
H. N. Turner Nonpartisan 0.4% Loss
C. C. Wilson Nonpartisan 2.2% Loss
Henry C. Dibble Republican 39.6% Loss
J. Kroeger Nonpartisan 1.6% Loss
L. C. Pistolesi Nonpartisan 4.9% Loss
Oscar Sutro Democratic 54% Win
Lorenzo A. Henry Republican 47.8% Win
M. Herman Nonpartisan 3.6% Loss
A. Kastner Nonpartisan 2.8% Loss
A. H. Merrill Nonpartisan 0.4% Loss
W. J. O'Conner Nonpartisan 1.8% Loss
William D. Wasson Democratic 43.6% Loss
Martin W. Brady Republican 45.6% Win
Eustace Cullinan Jr. Democratic 25.1% Loss
James D. Hart Nonpartisan 26.7% Loss
Charles Schinkel Nonpartisan 2.6% Loss
Alexander Campbell Jr. Republican 41% Loss
August A. Cavagnaro Democratic 56.1% Win
E. W. Truman Nonpartisan 3% Loss
George C. Brown Republican 56.5% Win
William H. Gately Democratic 39% Loss
H. Groner Nonpartisan 4.5% Loss
John G. Mattos Jr. Republican 59% Win
Henry May Democratic 40.7% Loss
Fred J. Russell Nonpartisan 0.3% Loss
Fred Altona Nonpartisan 5.3% Loss
Francis H. Bartlett Democratic 22.8% Loss
Joseph R. Knowland Republican 70.8% Win
A. L. Vancrom Nonpartisan 1.1% Loss
Joseph McDonald Kelley Republican 63.5% Win
F. H. Pratt Nonpartisan 4.7% Loss
William B. White Democratic 31.8% Loss
C. L. Forsberg Nonpartisan 4.1% Loss
John Gelder Democratic 40.1% Loss
David F. McWade Republican 54.7% Win
J. W. Phillips Nonpartisan 1.1% Loss
John A. Bliss 19 Oct 1 Republican 67.4% Win
Joseph Humphrey Nonpartisan 1.4% Loss
W. H. Mara Democratic 28% Loss
Owen H. Philbrick Nonpartisan 3.2% Loss
P. A. Williams Nonpartisan Loss
Dr. Newell K. Foster Republican 70.3% Win
Michael Lesser Nonpartisan 3.5% Loss
J. B. Poirer Nonpartisan Loss
Joseph B. Reboli Democratic 23.5% Loss
F. H. Wales Nonpartisan 2.6% Loss
Henry Ward Brown Republican 94.6% Win
S. B. Thompson Nonpartisan 5.4% Loss
Thomas J. Leonard Democratic 40.1% Loss
John Phillipps Nonpartisan Loss
George G. Radcliff Republican 55.5% Win
E. L. Rice Nonpartisan 4.4% Loss
W. H. Blodgett Prohibition 1.4% Loss
Tom Buckley Social Democratic 1.7% Loss
Oscar Knutson Nonpartisan 0.7% Loss
J. S. Torrence Republican 45.5% Loss
Eli Wright Good Government 50.7% Win
George H. Anderson Republican 60.1% Win
A. C. Banta Prohibition 1.3% Loss
William Legue Social Democratic 2% Loss
J. J. McLaurin Democratic 36% Loss
E. B. Mercadier Nonpartisan 0.6% Loss
H. H. Farnham Prohibition 1.8% Loss
Leonard B. Folwer Democratic 40.9% Loss
W. H. Fread Nonpartisan 0.4% Loss
George S. Walker Republican 56.1% Win
Henry Wessels Social Democratic 0.8% Loss
J. W. Haley Democratic 57.7% Win
Thomas R. Scoon Republican 42.3% Loss
N. C. Ray Democratic 56.1% Win
D. R. Shafer Republican 43.9% Loss
A. T. D. Butler Nonpartisan 0.1% Loss
A. M. Cunning Democratic 48.1% Loss
William Higby (II) Republican 51.8% Win
Charles H. Miller Democratic 51.3% Win
H. F. Musser Republican 48.7% Loss
Jesse D. Carr Nonpartisan Loss
Frederick P. Feliz Democratic 54.4% Win
William Sarles Republican 45.6% Loss
W. F. Chandler Republican 51.6% Win
Edwin Gower Democratic 43% Loss
Judd Hayes Nonpartisan 2.7% Loss
Charles Ocho Nonpartisan 2.7% Loss
Gideon S. Brower Social Democratic 3.7% Loss
Dr. Krohn Nonpartisan Loss
H. C. Shelton Prohibition 1.3% Loss
Marvin Simpson Democratic 49% Win
Thomas H. Yost Republican 46% Loss
W. C. Cross Nonpartisan Loss
William R. McQuiddy Nonpartisan 3.9% Loss
R. Mills Democratic 45% Loss
R. H. Myers Republican 51.1% Win
John J. Cairns Republican 38.4% Loss
W. T. Heller Nonpartisan 4.5% Loss
H. Levinson Democratic 57.1% Win
R. C. Dale Republican 41.2% Loss
George Edwards Nonpartisan 0.1% Loss
S. L. Harmon Nonpartisan 2.8% Loss
J. W. P. Laird Democratic 55.8% Win
L. J. Beckett Democratic 47.4% Loss
Warren M. John Republican 52.5% Win
C. A. Stevens Nonpartisan 0.1% Loss
Frank E. Kellogg Nonpartisan 21.4% Loss
C. W. Merritt Republican 48.3% Win
T. J. Williams Democratic 30.3% Loss
Robert M. Clarke Republican 55.8% Win
William John Kennard Nonpartisan 1.5% Loss
Walter Pidgeon Nonpartisan Loss
W. E. Shepherd Democratic 42.6% Loss
Walter S. Melick Republican 61.3% Win
D. F. E. Nokum Prohibition 4.1% Loss
L. W. Whitehead Social Democratic 3.2% Loss
John T. Wilson Democratic 31.5% Loss
Howard A. Broughton Republican 53.4% Win
M. B. Curtis Social Democratic 2.6% Loss
L. M. La Fetra Prohibition 7% Loss
Arthur L. Wellington Democratic 37% Loss
W. H. Bears Social Democratic 2.6% Loss
Eugene W. Fortune Democratic 43.5% Loss
Bomholt Jensen Socialist Labor 0.7% Loss
William H. Savage Republican 46.8% Win
S. S. Smith Prohibition 6.5% Loss
E. W. Clark Prohibition 2.3% Loss
S. J. Cooper Socialist Labor 1% Loss
Frank James Democratic 46.6% Win
Albert C. Sittel Republican 45.5% Loss
H. N. Zipaer Social Democratic 4.6% Loss
C. C. Ford Social Democratic 14.3% Loss
George H. Loring Prohibition 5.4% Loss
Cornelius W. Pendleton Republican 79.5% Win
August Roberti Socialist Labor 0.8% Loss
John C. Wolfskill Democratic Loss
Frank W. Allender Democratic 40.7% Loss
Henry E. Carter Republican 53.1% Win
Henry Clay Needham Prohibition 2.9% Loss
W. S. Skinner Socialist Labor 0.4% Loss
Arthur Vinette Nonpartisan 2.9% Loss
D. W. Hasson Republican 53.6% Win
W. H. Spurgeon Democratic 46.4% Loss
L. Gill Democratic 45.3% Loss
A. S. Milice Republican 54.7% Win
S. H. Barrett Prohibition 3.9% Loss
Cornelius G. H. Bennink Republican 48% Win
Luther William Gurr Social Democratic 4.2% Loss
Ralph E. Swing Democratic 43.9% Loss
Frank W. Barnes Republican 55% Win
Harry M. McKee Social Democratic 4.1% Loss
George Nickson Nonpartisan 1.5% Loss
J. H. Woolman Democratic 39.4% Loss
A. H. Clency Democratic 36.4% Loss
C. R. Stewart Republican 57.1% Win
George Strom Social Democratic 4.4% Loss
N. B. Weed Prohibition 2.1% Loss

Special Election

Special Election to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Congressman Marion De Vries (CD-02). De Vries resigned after being appointed to the U.S. Board of General Appraisers.

J. D. Sproul Democratic 49% Loss
Samuel D. Woods Republican 51% Win