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November 3, 1908

General Election

William Jennings Bryan Democratic 33% Loss
Eugene W. Chafin Prohibition 3% Loss
Eugene V. Debs Socialist 7.4% Loss
Thomas L. Hisgen Independence League 1.1% Loss
Austin Lewis Socialist Loss
William H. Taft Republican 55.5% Win
D. N. Cunningham Socialist 7.6% Loss
William F. Englebright Republican 54.1% Win
W. P. Fassett Prohibition 1.4% Loss
E. W. Holland Democratic 36.8% Loss
A. J. Gaylord Socialist 4% Loss
W. K. Hays Democratic 38.5% Loss
Duncan E. McKinlay Republican 57.5% Win
Joseph R. Knowland Republican 64.1% Win
Thomas H. Montgomery Prohibition 1.7% Loss
George W. Peckham Democratic 22.8% Loss
Owen H. Philbrick Socialist 9.3% Loss
John A. Sands Independence League 2.1% Loss
K. J. Doyle Socialist 4% Loss
Julius Kahn Republican 52.7% Win
James G. Maguire Democratic 42.9% Loss
William N. Meserve Prohibition 0.3% Loss
E. A. Hayes Republican 49.1% Win
E. H. Misner Socialist 6.3% Loss
George A. Tracy Democratic 42.8% Loss
Walter E. Vail Prohibition 1.8% Loss
Frederick P. Feliz Democratic 38.7% Loss
James Carson Needham Republican 52% Win
W. M. Pattison Socialist 5.6% Loss
James W. Webb Prohibition 3.7% Loss
Marshall W. Atwood Prohibition 1% Loss
F. G. Hentig Independence League 0.2% Loss
A. R. Holston Socialist 1.1% Loss
James McLachlan Republican 91.5% Win
Jud R. Rush Democratic 6.3% Loss
Noble A. Richardson Socialist 9.6% Loss
W. E. Shepherd Democratic 34.7% Loss
Sylvester C. Smith Republican 55.7% Win
Charles P. Cutten Republican 52.9% Win
George Keeling Socialist 10.4% Loss
John F. Quinn Democratic 36.7% Loss
E. S. Birdsall Republican 55.2% Win
M. H. Mead Democratic 39.8% Loss
J. C. Tait Socialist 5% Loss
August Mueller Socialist 9.2% Loss
Benjamin F. Rush Republican 90.8% Win
Charles B. Bills Republican 56.6% Win
James H. Devine Democratic 38.6% Loss
Henry E. Wright Socialist 4.7% Loss
O. J. Gibbons Socialist 5.9% Loss
Joseph E. Lewis Democratic 27.9% Loss
Ennio B. Martinelli Republican 66.2% Win
Orrin S. Henderson Independence League 41.9% Loss
John Thomas Lewis Republican 3.2% Loss
W. C. Wall Democratic 54.9% Win
J. M. W. Pope Socialist 3.1% Loss
Thomas J. Power Democratic 37.5% Loss
Edward Keating Strobridge Republican 59.4% Win
C. D. Haines Independence League 2.4% Loss
J. J. Llewellyn Democratic 20.2% Loss
John W. Stetson Republican 69.7% Win
H. C. Tuck Socialist 7.8% Loss
F. H. Burgeson Socialist 7.5% Loss
Thomas F. Finn Republican 63.8% Win
Carl G. Freund Independence League 1.4% Loss
Patrick J. Purcell Democratic 27.3% Loss
W. P. Conners Democratic 31.8% Loss
Henry Warnecke Jr. Socialist 7% Loss
Richard J. Welch Republican 61.2% Win
Dr. Rawlins Cadwallader Democratic 35.2% Loss
John F. Kelly Independence League 1.2% Loss
M. H. Morris Socialist 5% Loss
Edward I. "Ed" Wolfe Republican 58.7% Win
Allen K. Gifford Socialist 5.5% Loss
John P. Hare Democratic 48.9% Win
John A. McGee Republican 45.6% Loss
Irving C. Ackerman Democratic 46.1% Loss
Lester G. Burnett Republican 48.8% Win
Fred Hanswald Socialist 3% Loss
Charles L. McLean Independence League 2.1% Loss
Joseph Dunham Socialist 5.6% Loss
Arthur S. Howe Prohibition 5.7% Loss
J. H. Lawrence Independence League 3.1% Loss
S. J. Mayock Democratic 34.4% Loss
George S. Walker Republican 51.2% Win
Alexander Beck Prohibition 1.7% Loss
James B. Holohan Democratic 49.8% Win
Hall C. Ross Democratic 42.7% Loss
Charles Simmons Socialist 5.8% Loss
Archibald E. "Archie" Campbell Democratic 49.6% Loss
Henry W. Lynch Republican 45.4% Win
A. M. Rayl Socialist 4.9% Loss
Edward C. Canet Independence League 11.3% Loss
Albert G. Rogers Socialist 6% Loss
Louis H. Roseberry Republican 49.1% Win
Edward S. Thatcher Democratic 33.7% Loss
Cyrus J. Cook Prohibition 9.6% Loss
John S. Evans Independence League 1.2% Loss
Frank B. Firey Democratic 30.4% Loss
D. K. Foster Socialist 4.9% Loss
Newton Warner Thompson Republican 53.9% Win
R. A. Gibbs Socialist 6.5% Loss
Will D. Gould Democratic 33.5% Loss
L. Holmes Independence League 1.5% Loss
Henry M. Hurd Republican 58.5% Win
Miguel Estudillo Republican 46.7% Win
L. Gill Democratic 45.4% Loss
George I. Martin Socialist 7.9% Loss
J. A. Gibbons Socialist 7.1% Loss
Kenneth C. Gillis Democratic 51.9% Win
C. H. Newell Republican 41% Loss
William Kehoe Republican 47.6% Win
W. L. Lambert Democratic 41.2% Loss
M. E. Shore Socialist 11.2% Loss
John Wilburt McClellan Republican 57.2% Win
William Morgan Socialist 7% Loss
M. C. Poyfaire Democratic 35.8% Loss
Arthur M. Dean Republican 45.5% Win
P. E. Harbough Socialist 11.7% Loss
C. F. Kimball Democratic 42.8% Loss
C. M. Goodhue Socialist 17.5% Loss
Harry Polsley Democratic 82.5% Win
Fred C. Handy Republican 44% Loss
John Meland Socialist 3.6% Loss
John White Preston Democratic 52.5% Win
John W. Cavitt Democratic 40.8% Loss
William James Costar Republican 53.5% Win
J. L. Freeman Prohibition 5.7% Loss
H. H. Dunning Democratic 41.7% Loss
Arthur H. Hewitt Republican 55.9% Win
B. W. White Socialist 2.4% Loss
A. M. Clark Socialist 10.1% Loss
James R. Daily Democratic 39.6% Loss
Frank M. Rutherford Republican 50.2% Win
C. H. Dunton Republican 48.5% Loss
Patrick Henry Johnson Democratic 49.7% Win
George S. Tappen Socialist 1.9% Loss
J. C. Dorser Socialist 4% Loss
Theodore Lange Democratic 35.7% Loss
Edgar Backus Moore Republican 60.3% Win
William H. Ash Republican 42.1% Loss
John L. Mendenhall Democratic 54.9% Win
J. M. Wilkinson Socialist 3% Loss
D. W. Ravenscroft Democratic 33.1% Loss
E. W. Weldon Socialist 5.5% Loss
William Benjamin Whitney Republican 61.4% Win
John J. Fitzgerald Socialist 4.2% Loss
Louis W. Juilliard Democratic 48.8% Win
Henry W. A. Weske Republican 47% Loss
Walter B. Griffiths Republican 52.7% Win
C. L. Meyer Socialist 3.1% Loss
James M. Palmer Democratic 44.2% Loss
B. B. Tuttle Republican 44.5% Loss
Lawrence H. Wilson Democratic 52.5% Win
A. E. Yeager Socialist 3% Loss
Grove L. Johnson Republican 58.9% Win
Silas Penry Democratic 36.2% Loss
Gustave Wilmunder Socialist 4.9% Loss
Charles Cunningham Democratic 44.5% Loss
Eldridge Lafayette Hawk Republican 51.6% Win
J. R. Smith Socialist 3.9% Loss
William Walter Greer Republican 50.3% Win
Andrew Johnson (II) Socialist 5.7% Loss
George E. King Democratic 44% Loss
George A. Arnold Democratic 39.8% Loss
John Roche Cronin Republican 53.8% Win
Conrad Rump Socialist 6.4% Loss
Edward I. Butler Republican 73.2% Win
M. C. Dufficy Democratic 21.7% Loss
Ralston McCue Socialist 5.1% Loss
Thomas D. Johnston Republican 62.2% Win
A. C. Lang Democratic 37.8% Loss
Robert Lewis Beardslee Republican 53% Win
Charles A. Carran Socialist 3.2% Loss
R. S. Miller Democratic 43.8% Loss
Arthur E. Percival Republican 49.1% Loss
J. W. Stuckenbruck Democratic 50.9% Win
John R. Richardson Democratic 41.5% Loss
J. S. Sitton Socialist 6% Loss
Ira E. Surface Prohibition 7.9% Loss
Charles W. Wagner Republican 44.6% Win
Edward N. Baxter Democratic 38.4% Win
V. J. F. Dieu Socialist 6.7% Loss
C. M. C. Peters Republican 37.9% Loss
I. E. Thompson Prohibition 17% Loss
Joe E. Green Democratic 44.3% Loss
Peter Skulp Socialist 8.7% Loss
George Washington Wyllie Republican 47% Win
W. H. Connelly Socialist 7.8% Loss
John F. Feehan Democratic 32.1% Loss
Walter Harper Macauley Republican 58.8% Win
James Rowe Independence League 1.2% Loss
John A. Cullen Republican 49.5% Win
John Le May Socialist 10.4% Loss
Francis J. Mayne Independence League 2.4% Loss
Charles H. McGreevy Democratic 37.6% Loss
George J. Black Democratic 48.9% Win
William McGillicuddy Socialist 6.7% Loss
Thomas F. Roberts Republican 44.4% Loss
James Edward Hopkins Democratic 56.5% Win
Hugo Lotzin Socialist 6.4% Loss
Jeremiah Lucey Republican 37.1% Loss
Cornelius P. Lyons Democratic 45.7% Loss
Charles A. Nelson Republican 46.2% Win
Henry Toomey Socialist 8% Loss
Thomas A. Casserly Independence League 17.8% Loss
Bernard Joseph Collum Democratic 44.4% Win
Paul F. Fratessa Republican 27.6% Loss
W. E. Walker Socialist 10.2% Loss
Ernest Duden Independence League 2% Loss
David Girdwood Republican 38.8% Loss
Florence J. O'Neill Democratic 52.1% Win
Gustave "Gus" Postler Socialist 7.1% Loss
Frederick Carsten Gerdes Republican 58.8% Win
August A. Lillie Independence League 10.3% Loss
D. L. McIntyre Socialist 4.8% Loss
James H. Robertson Democratic 26.1% Loss
Henry Nixon Beatty Republican 58.4% Win
A. R. Cedarbloom Independence League 1.1% Loss
George Dawson Democratic 31.2% Loss
George Williams Socialist 9.4% Loss
Frank I. Butler Democratic 46.3% Loss
John J. McManus Republican 49.5% Win
G. F. Styche Socialist 4.3% Loss
Herman M. Levy Democratic 34.5% Loss
William C. Pugh Republican 58.9% Win
L. I. Salinger Socialist 6.5% Loss
H. C. Bocchio Democratic 24% Loss
Edward Joseph Callan Republican 53.6% Win
John McLaughlin Union Labor 14.9% Loss
D. M. Pease Socialist 5% Loss
W. W. Willis Independence League 2.5% Loss
Charles W. Clifton Independence League 1.5% Loss
Marius J. Kast Democratic 29.4% Loss
G. G. Kidwell Socialist 3.5% Loss
Milton L. Schmitt Republican 65.6% Win
J. G. Chase Independence League 1.5% Loss
Nathan C. Coghlan Republican 62% Win
E. V. Fleury Socialist 2.7% Loss
Harry W. Smith Democratic 33.8% Loss
Thomas N. Gaines Independence League 0.5% Loss
Clinton C. Hall Socialist 3.1% Loss
George William Lewis Republican 42% Loss
Albert P. Wheelan Democratic 54.4% Win
Dominic Joseph Beban Republican 66.4% Win
John Brandstetter Socialist 2.5% Loss
Leo D. Byrne Democratic 29.9% Loss
Richard H. Ohea Independence League 1.2% Loss
L. G. Lauray Independence League 2% Loss
August Maillard Socialist 5.3% Loss
George Mairs Perine Republican 53.1% Win
Frank A. Schivo Democratic 39.6% Loss
Antonio Cagliandro Independence League 0.5% Loss
C. F. Landenberger Socialist 2.8% Loss
Charles Lightner Democratic 52.8% Win
Louis Parente Republican 43.9% Loss
Edward J. Holland Democratic 24.4% Loss
Hugh Mason Independence League 5.1% Loss
Thomas H. Silver Republican 67.2% Win
Ed W. Thurston Socialist 3.3% Loss
Frank Otis Republican 85.6% Win
William H. Ross Socialist 11.8% Loss
E. R. Wilson Union Labor 2.5% Loss
Thomas Booth Socialist 11.9% Loss
James T. Feeley Republican 64.8% Win
J. H. Pierce Independence League 2.4% Loss
Thomas A. Sexton Democratic 20.9% Loss
R. P. Gale Democratic 22.7% Loss
A. C. C. Krueger Independence League 2.7% Loss
John Weber Mott Republican 62.8% Win
J. R. Noyes Socialist 11.8% Loss
G. N. Merritt Socialist 7.8% Loss
James P. Montgomery Democratic 23.2% Loss
Harry W. Pulcifer Republican 69% Win
George J. Hans Republican 55.6% Win
A. A. Leonard Independence League 8.3% Loss
James J. O'Toole Democratic 18.7% Loss
C. H. Stocking Socialist 17.5% Loss
W. R. Batten Socialist 8.8% Loss
H. W. Brunk Union Labor 25.2% Loss
A. P. Morris Independence League 2% Loss
C. C. Young Republican 64% Win
J. B. Falvey Democratic 32.9% Loss
Hjalmar Edwin Holmquist Republican 62.2% Win
Robert R. Week Socialist 4.9% Loss
J. B. Livengood Socialist 7.7% Loss
William V. Lucas Republican 44.8% Loss
John B. Maher Democratic 47.5% Win
L. W. Dexter Socialist 4.5% Loss
Robert Bruce Magee Democratic 30.8% Loss
Robert L. Telfer Republican 56.4% Win
J. C. Williams Prohibition 8.3% Loss
Lewis Dan Bohnett Republican 56.4% Win
Carl Bracher Socialist 7.1% Loss
F. E. Caton Prohibition 5.8% Loss
John M. Meyers Democratic 29.4% Loss
Joel S. Whitehurst Independence League 1.2% Loss
S. M. Cuthbertson Democratic 29% Loss
Daniel R. Hayes Republican 60.9% Win
E. Klein Socialist 5.5% Loss
F. W. Sherman Prohibition 4.5% Loss
John O. Davis Democratic 47.3% Loss
F. C. Debb Socialist 2% Loss
William R. Flint Republican 50.7% Win
Frank S. Clark Prohibition 14% Loss
H. R. Hall Socialist 3.2% Loss
William Pinkerton Democratic 38.3% Loss
John Jay Wyatt Republican 44.5% Win
W. F. Chandler Republican 45.9% Loss
Ludwig Keller Socialist 6.7% Loss
William R. Odom Democratic 47.4% Win
Henry M. Behymer Democratic 44.4% Loss
Alexander M. Drew Republican 50.1% Win
William I. Tibbs Socialist 5.5% Loss
H. P. Brown Republican 47.2% Loss
J. M. Foster Socialist 4.3% Loss
William John Webber Democratic 48.5% Win
Irvin Roscoe Cammack Socialist 6.3% Loss
Oscar Gibbons Democratic 50.4% Win
L. F. Sinsheimer Republican 43.2% Loss
Samuel Fleisher Republican 46.9% Win
J. W. Starkweather Socialist 6.7% Loss
B. F. Thomas Democratic 46.4% Loss
Lowell M. Hardison Democratic 38.8% Loss
George Lincoln Sackett Republican 61.2% Win
Rowen Irwin Democratic 54.2% Win
F. E. Mannel Republican 39% Loss
I. T. Sharp Socialist 6.7% Loss
Daniel Bond Socialist 7% Loss
Charles R. Burger Prohibition 10% Loss
George P. Cary Democratic 27.3% Loss
Harvey G. Cattell Republican 54.8% Win
G. W. Woodhouse Independence League 1% Loss
J. S. Allison Democratic 30.2% Loss
Prescott F. Cogswell Republican 54.4% Win
William Feeler Prohibition 8.1% Loss
William Feeler Independence League 3.4% Loss
R. M. Webster Socialist 3.8% Loss
Harry Barndollar Republican 52.9% Win
Levi M. Davenport Prohibition 8.2% Loss
Frank L. Hilton Democratic 31% Loss
Jacob T. Koch Socialist 6.4% Loss
A. Sandoval Independence League 1.4% Loss
Charles J. Creller Democratic 31.3% Loss
James Gillespie Prohibition 4.5% Loss
Walter R. Leeds Republican 55.4% Win
J. K. Mills Socialist 6.9% Loss
A. P. Tugwell Independence League 1.8% Loss
A. C. Doughty Socialist 5.6% Loss
George C. Martin Democratic 35% Loss
L. K. Roberts Prohibition 3.7% Loss
Philip A. Stanton Republican 55.6% Win
Charles O. Hawley Independence League 1.8% Loss
Francis DeF. Johnson Socialist 4.9% Loss
John N. O. Rech Republican 57.3% Win
John W. Satterwhite Democratic 32.3% Loss
C. E. Yerge Prohibition 3.6% Loss
S. L. Dodge Socialist 7.7% Loss
J. H. Farrell Independence League 1.4% Loss
William O. Forsythe Prohibition 3% Loss
B. F. Hardison Republican 37.9% Loss
Jacob P. Transue Republican 50.1% Win
William J. Hanlon Republican 55.4% Win
W. H. Newerf Socialist 7.8% Loss
C. W. Trulock Independence League 1.4% Loss
Moses L. Wicks Prohibition 3.9% Loss
M. S. Yoakum Democratic 31.5% Loss
N. P. Andresen Socialist 6.1% Loss
P. H. Enright Independence League 1.5% Loss
Percy V. Hammon Republican 57.5% Win
Charles A. Siemon Prohibition 3.2% Loss
S. A. Waldron Democratic 31.6% Loss
Orris D. Chaffee Socialist 8.5% Loss
John Wesley Flavelle Republican 50.3% Win
Noah Lee Levering Democratic 35.3% Loss
E. E. Lowe Independence League 5.9% Loss
R. B. Anson Socialist 5.8% Loss
Richard Melrose Republican 50.5% Win
George B. Miller Democratic 36.3% Loss
F. B. Reed Prohibition 7.4% Loss
Emerson B. Collier Republican 40.7% Win
Lloyd H. Edmiston Socialist 8.8% Loss
Walter C. Malay Democratic 22.5% Loss
James H. Woertendyke Prohibition 28.1% Loss
A. E. Dodson Democratic 37.4% Loss
Edward Cunningham Hinkle Republican 49.8% Win
Andrew G. Swanson Socialist 12.8% Loss
Percy A. Johnson Republican 59.7% Win
James Riley Socialist 40.3% Loss