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November 8, 1904

General Election

Eugene V. Debs Socialist 8.9% Loss
Alton B. Parker Democratic 26.9% Loss
Theodore Roosevelt Republican 61.9% Win
Silas S. Swallow Prohibition 2.2% Loss
Anthony Caminetti Democratic 39.3% Loss
A. J. Gaylord Socialist 5.5% Loss
James N. Gillett Republican 54.1% Win
Jarrot Laban Rollins Prohibition 1.1% Loss
Theodore A. Bell Democratic 46.6% Loss
Eli P. LaCell Prohibition 0.9% Loss
Duncan E. McKinlay Republican 49.2% Win
J. H. White Socialist 3.3% Loss
Joseph R. Knowland Republican 68.6% Win
M. Lesser Socialist 10.1% Loss
Henry C. McPike Democratic 20.1% Loss
Bates Morris Prohibition 1.3% Loss
Hubert R. Chapin Prohibition 0.4% Loss
William Costley Socialist 6.4% Loss
Julius Kahn Republican 56.8% Win
Edward J. Livernash Democratic 36.4% Loss
E. A. Hayes Republican 52.3% Win
George B. Pratt Prohibition 1% Loss
Frank R. Whitney Socialist 5% Loss
Charles J. Williams Union Labor 2% Loss
William J. Wynn Democratic 39.7% Loss
J. L. Cobb Socialist 4.5% Loss
William M. Conley Democratic 38.3% Loss
James Carson Needham Republican 55.1% Win
Joel H. Smith Prohibition 2.2% Loss
Benjamin J. Cloes Prohibition 30.3% Loss
James McLachlan Republican 44.8% Win
W. O. Morton Democratic 16.2% Loss
John Sobieski Prohibition 3.6% Loss
Frank I. Wheat Socialist 5.2% Loss
Benjamin J. Cloes Prohibition 3.4% Loss
William T. Lucas Democratic 30.2% Loss
Noble A. Richardson Socialist 10.9% Loss
Sylvester C. Smith Republican 55.6% Win
Thomas H. Selvage Republican 67.6% Win
W. L. Spicer Socialist 6.1% Loss
Andrew R. Thorp Democratic 26.3% Loss
John B. Irish Republican 49.7% Win
R. E. Montgomery Socialist 3% Loss
Jo V. Snyder Democratic 47.3% Loss
Corgdon S. Patrick Prohibition 2% Loss
J. W. Reams Democratic 31.1% Loss
Conrad Rump Socialist 4.9% Loss
Benjamin F. Rush Republican 62% Win
Philip Charles Cohn Democratic 33.5% Loss
James A. McKee Republican 58.6% Win
George S. Tappan Socialist 7.9% Loss
Charles M. Belshaw Republican 58.1% Win
John C. Kneust Socialist 4.5% Loss
E. J. Randall Democratic 37.4% Loss
George E. Lawrence Democratic 36.2% Loss
August E. Muenter Republican 63.8% Win
John G. Mattos Jr. Republican 100% Win
J. W. Denison Socialist 9.6% Loss
George E. Faw Democratic 15.1% Loss
George Russell Lukens Republican 75.3% Win
Frank A. Markey Republican 48.5% Win
Joseph M. Plunkett Democratic 40.1% Loss
G. F. Styche Socialist 11.4% Loss
Joseph Holle Democratic 31.8% Loss
Richard J. Welch Republican 62% Win
George Williams Socialist 6.2% Loss
Dennis W. Berry Democratic 28.7% Loss
A. C. Haskins Socialist 4.8% Loss
Edward I. "Ed" Wolfe Republican 66.6% Win
Fred Ficken Socialist 8.1% Loss
George B. Keane Republican 59.5% Win
Abner M. McMahon Democratic 28% Loss
Daniel H. Skillin Taxpayers 4.4% Loss
Herbert H. Mann Socialist 9.1% Loss
John H. Nelson Republican 90.9% Win
Robert Summers Prohibition 4.9% Loss
W. H. B. Traintham Democratic 30.3% Loss
Eli Wright Republican 64.8% Win
Samuel H. Rambo Republican 53.6% Win
Edward White Democratic 46.4% Loss
Frederick P. Feliz Democratic 39.8% Loss
Henry W. Lynch Republican 56.6% Win
W. L. Wood Socialist 3.6% Loss
Charles B. Greenwell Republican 61.3% Win
Arthur Gaspar Orena Democratic 31.8% Loss
J. W. Starkweather Socialist 6.9% Loss
Howard A. Broughton Republican 57.2% Win
Henry Clay Dillon Democratic 27% Loss
Clarence H. Lea Socialist 6.5% Loss
Hazard K. Miller Prohibition 9.3% Loss
Henry E. Carter Republican 65.9% Win
Will D. Gould Democratic 26.5% Loss
A. J. Stevens Socialist 7.7% Loss
John Nelson Anderson Republican 64.2% Win
J. Albert Mallory Socialist 12.2% Loss
I. D. Mills Democratic 23.6% Loss
James L. Coyle Republican 60.6% Win
Isaac R. Wells Democratic 39.4% Loss
Thomas M. Hitchings Independent 2.3% Loss
John F. Quinn Democratic 31.4% Loss
George T. Rolley Republican 66.3% Win
Louis P. Branstetter Republican 57.3% Win
Smith P. Corning Independent 1% Loss
M. C. Decarli Democratic 41.6% Loss
J. H. Creighton Republican 53% Win
J. C. Elder Socialist 8.3% Loss
Peter Preterson Democratic 38.8% Loss
J. L. Freeman Socialist 9% Loss
H. S. Gans Republican 91% Win
A. J. Bledsoe Independent 21.8% Loss
W. D. L. Held Republican 41.9% Win
Francis M. Weger Democratic 36.3% Loss
J. N. Armstrong Democratic 35.6% Loss
Dr. W. F. Gates Republican 63% Win
J. F. McConnell Socialist 1.4% Loss
Cline Bull Democratic 45.2% Loss
C. A. Jameson Socialist 2.7% Loss
E. T. Manwell Republican 51.6% Win
J. F. Vineyard Prohibition 0.6% Loss
H. L. Sweeney Democratic 39.8% Loss
Edward F. Whiting Republican 53.7% Win
John C. Williams Socialist 6.5% Loss
Frank A. Duryea Republican 56.1% Win
John A. Livingston Democratic 41.1% Loss
James C. Manning Prohibition 0.7% Loss
J. C. Waybright Socialist 2% Loss
Charles H. McKenney Republican 60.4% Win
Hiram A. Messenger Democratic 39.6% Loss
Ben F. Geis Democratic 48% Loss
H. P. Stipp Prohibition 1.5% Loss
Ernest Weyand Republican 50.4% Win
Frank A. Cromwell Republican 63.6% Win
Charles H. Gallagher Democratic 36.4% Loss
Charles O. Dunbar Democratic 48.5% Loss
H. L. Tripp Republican 51.5% Win
Charles Hugo Farman Prohibition 2.3% Loss
Percival S. "Percy" King Republican 60.2% Win
Lambert L. Page Socialist 2.8% Loss
Joseph Walsh Democratic 34.7% Loss
N. A. Hawkins Democratic 50.3% Win
B. B. Tuttle Republican 49.7% Loss
Charles O. Busick Republican 69% Win
C. F. Seay Democratic 18.8% Loss
A. W. Youngman Socialist 12.2% Loss
Frederick Harris Democratic 26.4% Loss
J. P. Hynes Socialist 7.7% Loss
Frank J. O'Brien Republican 65.8% Win
Thomas K. Chambers Socialist 5.2% Loss
Edward J. Lynch Republican 66.3% Win
Joseph G. Stevens Democratic 28.5% Loss
M. C. Chase Socialist 6% Loss
Frank R. Devlin Republican 67.1% Win
A. J. McPike Democratic 26.8% Loss
Tobias Hock Socialist 4.2% Loss
Arthur F. Irwin Democratic 28.9% Loss
Stephen H. Olmsted Republican 66.9% Win
Harry Ells Republican 83.9% Win
John Ogden Socialist 16.1% Loss
Robert Lewis Beardslee Republican 65% Win
A. L. Cowell Democratic 35% Loss
Frank J. Corcoran Democratic 37.8% Loss
John W. Moore Republican 62.2% Win
S. S. Burge Republican 46.4% Win
Richard Kirk Socialist 3.5% Loss
C. N. Whitmore Prohibition 3.8% Loss
Fred W. Yokum Democratic 46.2% Loss
Fred Fette Jr. Republican 43.8% Loss
C. V. Jones Democratic 48.8% Win
W. B. White Socialist 7.4% Loss
J. W. Davis Republican 45.2% Loss
Aubrey M. Lumley Democratic 45.5% Win
Robert T. Whitaker Socialist 9.3% Loss
Charles R. Franklin Taxpayers 10.4% Loss
C. E. Hallenquist Socialist 10.9% Loss
William James Mindham Republican 49% Win
Stephen B. Nolan Democratic 29.8% Loss
John A. Cullen Republican 57.3% Win
J. J. McKelvey Socialist 12.9% Loss
Patrick Moriarity Democratic 29.7% Loss
Richard Corbett Socialist 9.8% Loss
Thomas R. Mann Taxpayers 1.9% Loss
Francis McNamara Republican 45.5% Win
Timothy Ryan Union Labor 16.4% Loss
Edward J. Twomey Democratic 26.3% Loss
Timothy J. Kenney Democratic 25.5% Loss
Hugo Lotzin Socialist 12.4% Loss
Jeremiah Lucey Republican 50.4% Win
Charles A. Siskron Union Labor 11.7% Loss
Patrick J. Boyle Republican 47.2% Win
George L. Flanagan Democratic 21.2% Loss
John J. Hennessey Union Labor 24.1% Loss
William Schlotham Socialist 7.4% Loss
Fred E. Deane Socialist 10.2% Loss
Mathew J. Kerrigan Democratic 38.2% Loss
Fred J. Meincke Republican 50.2% Win
William H. Sherrett Taxpayers 1.4% Loss
Clarence E. Ayer Independent 3.3% Loss
Joseph B. McCloskey Democratic 35.4% Loss
Solomon Orloff Socialist 6.6% Loss
Fred V. Severance Republican 54.7% Win
Joseph A. Clifford Democratic 38.6% Loss
Andrew Schoenitzer Socialist 5.1% Loss
Edward F. Treadwell Republican 56.3% Win
A. W. Castner Socialist 8.7% Loss
Edward J. Deaver Union Labor 7.2% Loss
Charles Fleming Democratic 31.9% Loss
Eugene E. Pfaeffle Republican 52.3% Win
George F. Arthur Socialist 4.5% Loss
Jeremiah H. Dillon Democratic 32.2% Loss
Fred C. Jones Republican 63.3% Win
Samuel H. Beckett Republican 78.1% Win
Charles M. Etique Socialist 7.6% Loss
A. Froomberg Taxpayers 14.3% Loss
Thomas E. Atkinson Republican 41.9% Win
Edward A. Kenney Democratic 20.9% Loss
Edwin T. McMurray Independent 32.6% Loss
Chris D. Mues Socialist 4.7% Loss
Oliver Everett Socialist 4.1% Loss
Gus Hartman Republican 64% Win
David S. Hirshberg Democratic 31.9% Loss
Nathan C. Coghlan Republican 68.2% Win
Thomas Peter Crowley Democratic 28.5% Loss
E. V. Fleury Socialist 3.4% Loss
Walter C. Farnham Democratic 22.6% Loss
Albert M. Harrel Socialist 6.3% Loss
Edward J. Kirwan Union Labor 9.3% Loss
George William Lewis Republican 7.9% Loss
George A. McGowan Republican 53.8% Win
Marc Anthony Republican 66% Win
Thomas E. Hayden Democratic 24.5% Loss
John Messer Socialist 5% Loss
J. W. Spencer Union Labor 4.5% Loss
Charles Edelman Democratic 27.9% Loss
William Henry Gladding Socialist 6.8% Loss
Mel Vogel Republican 65.3% Win
George Nesbit Socialist 5.1% Loss
Joseph Silva Democratic 37.3% Loss
Louis Strohl Republican 57.6% Win
Joseph S. Joseph Democratic 33.6% Loss
Edward Keating Strobridge Republican 66.4% Win
Clem Bates Republican 76% Win
Frank N. Dodd Democratic 11.3% Loss
J. W. Powell Socialist 12.8% Loss
Challes L. French Democratic 13.2% Loss
William S. O'Brien Union Labor 14.9% Loss
J. B. Osborne Socialist 12.4% Loss
Philip M. Walsh Republican 59.5% Win
John J. Burke Republican 62.3% Win
A. Cedergren Socialist 11.7% Loss
Edward Coughlin Independent 11.5% Loss
F. M. Shay Democratic 14.5% Loss
John A. Bliss 19 Oct 1 Republican 87.5% Win
John H. Eustice Socialist 12.5% Loss
R. H. E. Espey Republican 65.3% Win
H. A. Kletzker Socialist 13.7% Loss
A. R. Slaughter Democratic 21.1% Loss
Owen H. Philbrick Socialist 11.4% Loss
William A. Powell Democratic 16.5% Loss
William H. Waste Republican 72.1% Win
James M. Callan Democratic 31.9% Loss
Richard H. Jury Republican 68.1% Win
George C. Cleveland Republican 52.1% Win
P. Paul Hartman Nonpartisan 5.4% Loss
James B. Holohan Democratic 42.5% Loss
Paul J. Arnerich Republican 63.5% Win
William E. Gordon Prohibition 4.3% Loss
J. W. Trousdale Democratic 32.2% Loss
Ward M. Jarvis Republican 63.3% Win
Jesse D. Kuykendall Prohibition 8.5% Loss
George W. Waldorf Democratic 28.2% Loss
Harry E. Milnes Prohibition 22.5% Loss
Fayette Mitcheltree Republican 77.5% Win
George H. Moore Democratic 49.9% Loss
James Slaven Republican 50.1% Win
J. B. R. Cooper Republican 61% Win
C. H. Widemann Democratic 39% Loss
W. F. Chandler Republican 53.8% Win
W. A. Cowan Socialist 7.7% Loss
J. C. Goodrich Prohibition 4.3% Loss
George B. Graham Democratic 34.2% Loss
Henry Brickley Democratic 40.8% Loss
Alexander M. Drew Republican 49.5% Win
J. C. Shelton Prohibition 2.8% Loss
William I. Tibbs Socialist 6.9% Loss
J. H. Fox Republican 48.8% Loss
John F. Pryor Democratic 51.2% Win
Warren M. John Republican 60.1% Win
Elmer S. Rigdon Democratic 39.9% Loss
Dr. H. C. Dimock Democratic 42.4% Loss
Elbert M. Pyle Republican 57.6% Win
Frank Inglis Socialist 6.6% Loss
W. M. Moultrie Democratic 26.9% Loss
David T. Perkins Republican 66.5% Win
Ben L. Brundage Democratic 48.9% Loss
Jess R. Dorsey Republican 51.1% Win
John A. Goodrich Republican 67.9% Win
Rev. Fletcher Pomeroy Prohibition 8.6% Loss
G. C. Sherwin Socialist 9.2% Loss
T. H. Webster Democratic 14.3% Loss
Cyrus J. Cook Prohibition 10.5% Loss
Albert E. Cronemoett Democratic 27.7% Loss
E. E. Duncanson Socialist 4.7% Loss
William A. Johnstone Republican 57.1% Win
C. A. S. Higley Socialist 8.7% Loss
A. D. Johnston Democratic 21.5% Loss
Mark G. McCaslin Prohibition 7.4% Loss
Newton Warner Thompson Republican 62.3% Win
J. K. Mills Socialist 6.9% Loss
Frank G. H. Stevens Prohibition 5% Loss
William J. Stoermer Democratic 26.2% Loss
William H. Wickersham Republican 61.9% Win
O. Sassaman Socialist 8% Loss
Philip A. Stanton Republican 67.4% Win
Ira B. Wood Democratic 24.7% Loss
Frank S. Byington Democratic 21.8% Loss
H. S. G. McCartney Republican 65.8% Win
McClure H. Parker Socialist 6.4% Loss
Johu M. Schaefle Prohibition 6% Loss
A. R. Miller Socialist 9% Loss
Richmond Plant Democratic 25.2% Loss
Jacob P. Transue Republican 65.8% Win
Milton Carlson Democratic 26.6% Loss
Frederick W. Houser Republican 60.6% Win
Moses L. Wicks Prohibition 3.9% Loss
James A. Williams Socialist 8.8% Loss
J. H. Krimminger Republican 67.1% Win
J. L. Mansfield Democratic 24.4% Loss
C. C. Reynolds Socialist 8.6% Loss
S. H. Barrett Prohibition 6.4% Loss
William J. Gebbie Socialist 10.3% Loss
Frank C. Prescott Republican 52.3% Win
Charles A. Rouse Democratic 30.9% Loss
Edward R. Amerige Republican 57.5% Win
J. A. Hankey Democratic 32.7% Loss
E. A. Hawley Socialist 9.9% Loss
Lloyd H. Edmiston Socialist 17.7% Loss
Miguel Estudillo Republican 55.1% Win
T. W. Hudson Democratic 27.1% Loss
Frank W. Barnes Republican 55.1% Win
August Storme Socialist 17.7% Loss
Edwin A. Wells Democratic 27.1% Loss
Percy A. Johnson Republican 53.7% Win
Frank A. Marek Socialist 17.4% Loss
George H. P. Shaw Democratic 28.9% Loss

Special Election

Special Election to fill the vacancies created by the resignations of Congressman Victor H. Metcalf (CD-03) and State Senator Joseph R. Knowland (SD-14) and the vacancies caused by the deaths of State Senators George H. Williams (SD-24) and Orrin Z. Hubbell (SD-30).

Metcalf resigned after being appointed U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Labor. Knowland resigned after being elected to Congress.

Joseph R. Knowland Republican 77.5% Win
Henry C. McPike Democratic 22.5% Loss
S. Miller Communist 17.7% Loss
M. W. Simpson Republican 82.3% Win
John P. Byrne Democratic 31.4% Loss
Philip J. Haskins Republican 68.6% Win
James H. Boyd Democratic 31.9% Loss
J. S. Edwards Prohibition 6.4% Loss
Luther William Gurr Socialist 10.1% Loss
William T. Leeke Republican 51.6% Win

Elected by Legislature Election

Frank P. Flint Republican Win