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November 5, 1996

General Election

Note: A total of 10,263,490 Californians voted in this election.

Harry Browne Libertarian 0.7% Loss
Bill Clinton Democratic 51.1% Win
Bob Dole Republican 38.2% Loss
Marsha Feinland Peace and Freedom 0.3% Loss
John Hagelin Natural Law 0.2% Loss
Ralph Nader Green 2.4% Loss
H. Ross Perot Reform 7% Loss
Howard Phillips American Independent 0.2% Loss
Michela Alioto-Pier Democratic 43.5% Loss
Frank D. Riggs Republican 49.6% Win
Emil P. Rossi Libertarian 6.9% Loss
Roberts "Rob" Braden Democratic 33.7% Loss
William Brunner Libertarian 2.4% Loss
Wally Herger Republican 60.8% Win
Patrice Thiessen Natural Law 3% Loss
Erin Donelle Libertarian 1.9% Loss
Timothy R. Erich Reform 3.5% Loss
Vic Fazio Democratic 53.5% Win
Tim Lefever Republican 41.1% Loss
John T. Doolittle Republican 60.5% Win
Katie Hirning Democratic 36.1% Loss
Patrick Lee McHargue Libertarian 3.4% Loss
Robert S. Dinsmore Republican 26.1% Loss
Charles Kersey Natural Law 1% Loss
Robert T. Matsui Democratic 70.4% Win
Joseph B. Miller Libertarian 1.3% Loss
Gordon D. Mors American Independent 1.1% Loss
Duane Hughes Republican 34% Loss
Ernest K. Jones Jr. Peace and Freedom 2.5% Loss
Bruce Kendall Natural Law 1.6% Loss
Lynn C. Woolsey Democratic 61.8% Win
Bob Liatunick Natural Law 2.3% Loss
George Miller Democratic 71.8% Win
Norman H. Reece Republican 22.3% Loss
William Thompson Reform 3.6% Loss
Ed Murray Write-in Loss
Nancy Pelosi Democratic 84.3% Win
Justin Raimondo Republican 12.4% Loss
David Smithstein Natural Law 3.3% Loss
Tom Condit Peace and Freedom 2.8% Loss
Ron Dellums Democratic 77% Win
Jack Forem Natural Law 1.7% Loss
Omari Musa Write-in Loss
Deborah Wright Republican 18.5% Loss
William P. "Bill" Baker Republican 47.2% Loss
Valerie Janlois Natural Law 1.1% Loss
Gregory Lyon Libertarian 0.9% Loss
John Place Reform 2.2% Loss
Ellen Tauscher Democratic 48.6% Win
Selene Bush Natural Law 1.7% Loss
Richard Pombo Republican 59.3% Win
Kelly Rego Libertarian 2.8% Loss
Jason Silva Democratic 36.2% Loss
Richard Borg Natural Law 1.7% Loss
Storm Jenkins Republican 23.7% Loss
Tom Lantos Democratic 71.7% Win
Christopher Schmidt Libertarian 2.9% Loss
James Fay Republican 30.4% Loss
Terry Savage Libertarian 4.4% Loss
Pete Stark Democratic 65.2% Win
Ben Brink Republican 31.1% Loss
Joseph W. Dehn III Libertarian 1.5% Loss
Anna G. Eshoo Democratic 64.9% Win
Timothy Thompson Peace and Freedom 1.6% Loss
Robert Wells Natural Law 0.9% Loss
Tom Campbell Republican 58.5% Win
Bruce Currivan Natural Law 1.5% Loss
Linh Kieu Dao Write-in Loss
Dick Lane Democratic 34.8% Loss
Valli Sharpe-Geisler Reform 2.7% Loss
Constant "Connor" Vlakancic Write-in Loss
Ed Wimmers Libertarian 2.4% Loss
Abaan Abu-Shumays Natural Law 1.3% Loss
David R. Bonino Libertarian 2.9% Loss
Zoe Lofgren Democratic 65.7% Win
Chuck Wojslaw Republican 30.2% Loss
John H. Black Natural Law 3.4% Loss
Jess Brown Republican 37.8% Loss
Sam Farr Democratic 58.9% Win
Gary Condit Democratic 65.7% Win
Bill Conrad Republican 31.8% Loss
James B. Morzella Libertarian 1.3% Loss
Page Roth Riskin Natural Law 1.1% Loss
David Adalian Natural Law 2.2% Loss
Paul Barile Democratic 28.3% Loss
Pamela J. Pescosolido Libertarian 2.9% Loss
George P. Radanovich Republican 66.6% Win
Cal Dooley Democratic 56.5% Win
Trice Harvey Republican 39.1% Loss
Jonathan Richter Libertarian 4.4% Loss
Jane Ann Bialosky Natural Law 1.8% Loss
John Leslie Evans Reform 4.2% Loss
Karen Gentry Write-in 0.1% Loss
Mike Hodges Libertarian 1.6% Loss
William M. Thomas Republican 65.8% Win
Deborah A. Vollmer Democratic 26.5% Loss
David L. Bersohn Libertarian 0.9% Loss
Walter Capps Democratic 48.4% Win
Richard D. "Dick" Porter Reform 1.6% Loss
Andrea H. Seastrand Republican 44.2% Loss
Dawn Tomastik Natural Law 0.8% Loss
Steven Wheeler Nonpartisan 4% Loss
Elton W. Gallegly Republican 59.6% Win
Stephen P. "Steve" Hospodar Natural Law 1.1% Loss
Gail K. Lightfoot Libertarian 4.2% Loss
Robert Unruhe Democratic 35.1% Loss
Ron Lawrence Natural Law 1.4% Loss
Erich D. Miller Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Brad Sherman Democratic 49.4% Win
Ralph L. Shroyer Peace and Freedom 2.9% Loss
Rich Sybert Republican 43.6% Loss
Bruce R. Acker Libertarian 3.1% Loss
Justin Gerber Peace and Freedom 1.3% Loss
Buck McKeon Republican 62.4% Win
Diane Trautman Democratic 33.2% Loss
Howard L. Berman Democratic 65.9% Win
Scott Fritschler Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Bill Glass Republican 28.6% Loss
Gary D. Hearne Natural Law 2.1% Loss
Doug Kahn Democratic 43.2% Loss
Liz Michael Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Jim Rogan Republican 50.2% Win
Walt Contreras Sheasby Green 2.2% Loss
Martin Zucker Natural Law 0.9% Loss
David Dreier Republican 60.7% Win
David Levering Democratic 36.9% Loss
Kenneth J. "Ken" Saurenman Libertarian 2.4% Loss
Michael J. "Mike" Binkley Libertarian 2.2% Loss
John Daly Peace and Freedom 4.1% Loss
Brian M. Rees Natural Law 1.4% Loss
Paul Stepanek Republican 24.6% Loss
Henry A. Waxman Democratic 67.6% Win
Xavier Becerra Democratic 72.3% Win
Shirley Mandel Peace and Freedom 3.1% Loss
Patricia Parker Republican 18.7% Loss
Pam Probst Libertarian 3.4% Loss
Rosemary Watson-Frith Natural Law 2.4% Loss
Michael B. Everling Libertarian 4.6% Loss
John V. Flores Republican 28% Loss
Matthew G. Martinez Democratic 67.5% Win
Laurence "Larry" Ardito Republican 12.4% Loss
Julian C. Dixon Democratic 82.4% Win
Neal Arvid Donner Libertarian 4.2% Loss
Rashied Jibri Natural Law 1% Loss
Howard Johnson Libertarian 3.8% Loss
Jonathan "John" Leonard Republican 14.1% Loss
Lucille Roybal-Allard Democratic 82.1% Win
David Carl Argall Libertarian 2% Loss
David Nunez Republican 26.6% Loss
J. Scott American Independent 3% Loss
Ed Torres Democratic 68.4% Win
Eric Carlson Republican 12.1% Loss
Gordon Michael Mego American Independent 2.4% Loss
Maxine Waters Democratic 85.5% Win
Susan Brooks Republican 43.9% Loss
Bruce Dovner Libertarian 2.2% Loss
Jane Harman Democratic 52.5% Win
Bradley McManus Natural Law 1.4% Loss
Juanita Millender-McDonald Democratic 85% Win
Michael Voetee Republican 15% Loss
Paul N. Gautreau Libertarian 2% Loss
Steve Horn Republican 52.6% Win
William Yeager Green 2.7% Loss
Rick Zbur Democratic 42.7% Loss
R. O. "Bob" Davis Democratic 31.9% Loss
Jack Dean Libertarian 5.3% Loss
Edward R. Royce Republican 62.8% Win
Robert D. "Bob" Conaway Democratic 29% Loss
Joseph T. Kelley Libertarian 2.9% Loss
Jerry Lewis Republican 64.9% Win
Hale McGee American Independent 3.3% Loss
Jay Kim Republican 58.5% Win
David F. Kramer Natural Law 3.5% Loss
Marjorie Musser Mikels Write-in 0.1% Loss
Richard G. Newhouse Libertarian 5% Loss
Richard Waldron Democratic 33% Loss
George Brown Democratic 50.5% Win
Linda Wilde Republican 49.5% Loss
Kevin Akin Peace and Freedom 1.9% Loss
Gene L. Berkman Libertarian 1.7% Loss
Ken Calvert Republican 54.7% Win
Colleen Cummings Write-in Loss
Guy C. Kimbrough Democratic 37.9% Loss
Annie Wallack Natural Law 3.7% Loss
Karen Blasdell-Wilkinson Natural Law 1.6% Loss
Sonny Bono Republican 57.7% Win
Donald Cochran American Independent 2% Loss
Bud Mathewson Write-in 0.1% Loss
Anita Rufus Democratic 38.5% Loss
Sally Alexander Democratic 33.2% Loss
Rand McDevitt Natural Law 1.5% Loss
Mark Murphy Libertarian 4.3% Loss
Dana Rohrabacher Republican 61% Win
J. Carlos Aguirre Natural Law 1.9% Loss
Bob Dornan Republican 45.8% Loss
Thomas E. Reimer Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Loretta Sanchez Democratic 46.8% Win
Lawrence J. Stafford Reform 3.2% Loss
Iris Adam Natural Law 2.8% Loss
Chris Cox Republican 65.7% Win
Tina Louise Laine Democratic 28.9% Loss
Victor A. Wagner Jr. Libertarian 2.7% Loss
William Dreu Reform 3.6% Loss
Dan Farrell Democratic 26.9% Loss
Sharon K. Miles Natural Law 3.6% Loss
Ron Packard Republican 65.9% Win
Brian P. Bilbray Republican 52.6% Win
Kevin Hambsch Reform 1.8% Loss
Ernest "Ernie" Lippe Libertarian 2% Loss
Peter Navarro Democratic 41.9% Loss
Peter Sterling Natural Law 1.6% Loss
Jim Baize Republican 32.4% Loss
Dan Clark Reform 2.7% Loss
Bob Filner Democratic 61.9% Win
Earl Shepard Natural Law 1.8% Loss
Philip Zoebisch Libertarian 1.2% Loss
Jack C. Anderson Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Eric Hunter Bourdette Natural Law 1.3% Loss
Miriam E. Clark Peace and Freedom 2.4% Loss
Randy "Duke" Cunningham Republican 65.1% Win
Rita K. Tamerius Democratic 28.9% Loss
Peter Ballantyne Natural Law 0.8% Loss
Duncan Hunter Republican 65.5% Win
Janice Jordan Peace and Freedom 2% Loss
Dante Ridley Libertarian 1.9% Loss
Darity Wesley Democratic 29.8% Loss
Tim Leslie Republican 63.2% Win
Thomas "Tom" Romero Democratic 36.8% Loss
John Burton Democratic 70.8% Win
Donald E. Harte Libertarian 5.5% Loss
Curtis Rau Republican 23.7% Loss
Kurt C. Boese Republican 39.9% Loss
Patrick Johnston Democratic 60.1% Win
Mark Billings Natural Law 2.1% Loss
William John Knudson Reform 2.1% Loss
Dick Rainey Republican 48% Win
Jeff Smith Democratic 47.8% Loss
Robert J. Evans Peace and Freedom 3.4% Loss
Thomas N. Hudson Republican 14.9% Loss
Barbara Lee Democratic 78.2% Win
Carol Flyer Prettie Natural Law 3.5% Loss
Jon W. Matonis Libertarian 3.7% Loss
Patrick Shannon Republican 38.4% Loss
Byron D. Sher Democratic 57.9% Win
Dom Cortese Reform 8.8% Loss
Rick J. Dunstan Natural Law 1.5% Loss
Ray Morton Republican 27.8% Loss
John Vasconcellos Democratic 58.6% Win
John H. Webster Libertarian 3.3% Loss
Rusty Areias Democratic 45.8% Loss
E. Craig Coffin Green 4.6% Loss
Scott R. Hartley Natural Law 2.4% Loss
Bruce McPherson Republican 47.2% Win
Steven A. Figueroa Democratic 33.4% Loss
William J. "Pete" Knight Republican 66.6% Win
John Birke Democratic 37.8% Loss
Cathie M. Wright Republican 62.2% Win
Paula L. Boland Republican 44.1% Loss
James R. "Bob" New Libertarian 4.1% Loss
Adam B. Schiff Democratic 51.8% Win
Charles T. Black Libertarian 2.5% Loss
Tom Hayden Democratic 58.2% Win
Shirley Rachel Isaacson Peace and Freedom 0.9% Loss
Scott L. Schreiber Republican 34.4% Loss
Robert P. Swanson Natural Law 4% Loss
Teresa P. Hughes Democratic 82% Win
Cliff McClain Republican 18% Loss
Phillip D. "Phil" Hawkins Republican 48.6% Loss
Betty Karnette Democratic 51.4% Win
Dick Mountjoy Republican 58.9% Win
Tommy L. Randle Democratic 41.1% Loss
Jim Brulte Republican 58.2% Win
Gary George Democratic 41.8% Loss
David Robert Heywood Democratic 31.4% Loss
John R. Lewis Republican 68.6% Win
Nat Adam Natural Law 3.9% Loss
Madelene E. Arakelian Democratic 34.5% Loss
Ross Johnson Republican 61.5% Win
George Angell Reform 3.5% Loss
David G. Kelley Republican 61.1% Win
Jim J. Meuer Natural Law 1.7% Loss
Hans Alfred Schroeder Democratic 29.6% Loss
Donna Tello Libertarian 4% Loss
Dede Alpert Democratic 51.4% Win
Joe Dolphin Republican 45.6% Loss
Stuart Knoles Natural Law 3.1% Loss
Margie Handley Republican 42.1% Loss
Virginia Strom-Martin Democratic 52.9% Win
Harry K. Wrench III Natural Law 5% Loss
John L. Growney Democratic 43.1% Loss
Al Swain Libertarian 3.6% Loss
Tom Woods Republican 53.2% Win
Irene Perry Democratic 38.4% Loss
Bernie Richter Republican 61.6% Win
Rico Oller Republican 57.9% Win
Karen Smith Write-in 0.2% Loss
Erike J. Young Democratic 41.9% Loss
Barbara Alby Republican 61.6% Win
Eileen Burke-Trent Democratic 38.4% Loss
Mary Jane Clifford Libertarian 3.5% Loss
David Crockett Republican 29.4% Loss
Kerry Lynn Mazzoni Democratic 64.9% Win
Coleman C. Persily Peace and Freedom 2.2% Loss
Alan Roy Barreca Natural Law 1.4% Loss
Valerie K. Brown Democratic 61.7% Win
Ken Larsen Republican 33% Loss
Al Liner Peace and Freedom 3.9% Loss
Harold J. Helbock Libertarian 5.7% Loss
Ed Schlenker Republican 38.5% Loss
Helen M. Thomson Democratic 55.8% Win
Richard Davis Republican 29.1% Loss
Akili Jaye Reform 3.4% Loss
Deborah Ortiz Democratic 65.2% Win
Bruce B. Saunders Natural Law 2.3% Loss
Larry Bowler Republican 48.9% Win
Matt Moretti Democratic 44.9% Loss
J. Bolton Phillips Reform 6.2% Loss
Bill Maxfield Republican 30.9% Loss
Eleanor V. Sheppard Natural Law 9.1% Loss
Tom Torlakson Democratic 60% Win
Terence Faulkner Republican 22% Loss
Kevin Shelley Democratic 78% Win
Carole Migden Democratic 100% Win
Dion Aroner Democratic 66.3% Win
Viola A. Beeson Natural Law 3% Loss
Hank Chapot Jr. Green 9.4% Loss
William "Sandy" Muir Republican 21.3% Loss
Lynne C. Leach Republican 48.9% Win
Gail Murray Democratic 48.2% Loss
J. Martin Sproul Natural Law 2.9% Loss
Veronica A. Acosta Republican 21.7% Loss
Don Perata Democratic 78.3% Win
Tom Kohlhepp Libertarian 3.3% Loss
Michael J. Machado Democratic 51.9% Win
Sylvia Sun Minnick Republican 44.7% Loss
Michael Sweeney Democratic 100% Win
Linda Marks Natural Law 6.9% Loss
Lou Papan Democratic 55.7% Win
James J. "Jim" Tucker Republican 37.4% Loss
Liz Figueroa Democratic 61.3% Win
Anthony R. Smith Sr. Republican 38.7% Loss
Christopher R. Inama Libertarian 2% Loss
Theodore A. Laliotis Republican 34.6% Loss
Ted Lempert Democratic 60.8% Win
Ronald Paul "Ron" Whitehurst Natural Law 2.5% Loss
Elaine K. Alquist Democratic 60.1% Win
Karin Dowdy Republican 36% Loss
Frank Strutner Natural Law 3.8% Loss
Mike Honda Democratic 73.4% Win
Lisa M. Sutton Republican 26.6% Loss
Jim Cunneen Republican 55.7% Win
Ed Foglia Democratic 39.6% Loss
Jon Petersen Libertarian 4.7% Loss
Ed Elliott Democratic 38.3% Loss
George R. House Jr. Republican 58.5% Win
Ronald C. A. Payne Libertarian 3.2% Loss
Tom Berryhill Republican 50% Loss
Dennis A. Cardoza Democratic 50% Win
Jim Davis Republican 37.9% Loss
Fred Keeley Democratic 56.9% Win
Sunshine W. McCarthy Natural Law 5.1% Loss
Lily Cervantes Democratic 47.3% Loss
Peter Frusetta Republican 48.9% Win
Mark Hinkle Libertarian 3.9% Loss
Nancy D. Adalian Natural Law 4.8% Loss
Mike McGonigle Democratic 27.4% Loss
Chuck Poochigian Republican 67.8% Win
Linda Morales Write-in 2.2% Loss
Robert M. Prenter Jr. Republican 56.6% Win
Brian Setencich Write-in 41.2% Loss
Carolynda Stevenson Write-in Loss
Cruz M. Bustamante Democratic 62.5% Win
Joni Mamicki Natural Law 1.8% Loss
Joseph H. Peacock II Libertarian 4.2% Loss
Nathan Short Republican 31.5% Loss
Roy Ashburn Republican 67% Win
John F. Hulpke Democratic 29.5% Loss
Steve Zinn Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Katherine R. Baker Natural Law 2.6% Loss
Tom Bordonaro Republican 58% Win
Gary L. Kirkland Libertarian 3.6% Loss
Betty Sanders Democratic 35.9% Loss
Lionel M. Dew Democratic 34.7% Loss
Keith Olberg Republican 65.3% Win
Brooks Firestone Republican 66% Win
Miriam R. Hospodar Natural Law 4.8% Loss
Aneesh Kaustubh Lele Democratic 29.1% Loss
David Cochran Democratic 35.8% Loss
George Runner Republican 64.2% Win
Jess Herrera Democratic 40.3% Loss
Nao Takasugi Republican 59.7% Win
Jon M. Lauritzen Democratic 39.8% Loss
Tom McClintock Republican 55.5% Win
Virginia F. Neuman Natural Law 4.7% Loss
Tony Cardenas Democratic 71.7% Win
Ollie M. McCaulley Republican 28.3% Loss
David L. Cossak Natural Law 2.2% Loss
H. R. "Ron" Culver Republican 30.9% Loss
Bob Hertzberg Democratic 59% Win
Kelley L. Ross Libertarian 7.9% Loss
Philip W. "Phil" Baron Libertarian 2.5% Loss
Mark Boos Benhard Republican 38% Loss
John Honigsfeld Peace and Freedom 2.9% Loss
Sheila Kuehl Democratic 55.2% Win
Marya Small Natural Law 1.3% Loss
Eric Michael Fine Peace and Freedom 4.3% Loss
Wally Knox Democratic 65.6% Win
Herbert Paul Natural Law 1.7% Loss
Adam Ross Republican 28.5% Loss
Willard Del Michlin Libertarian 3.5% Loss
John Geranios Republican 48.2% Loss
Scott Wildman Democratic 48.4% Win
Ted Brown Libertarian 3.2% Loss
Bill Hoge Republican 43.9% Loss
Jack Scott Democratic 53% Win
Jaime Luis Gomez Peace and Freedom 21.8% Loss
Antonio Villaraigosa Democratic 78.2% Win
Louis Caldera Democratic 77.5% Win
Andrew Kim Republican 22.5% Loss
Jonathan "John" Leonard Republican 16.2% Loss
Kevin Murray Democratic 79.9% Win
Bob Weber Libertarian 3.9% Loss
Rod Wright Democratic 100% Win
Jay T. Imperial Republican 30.8% Loss
Diane Martinez Democratic 69.2% Win
Martha M. Escutia Democratic 83% Win
Gladys O. Miller Republican 17% Loss
Anthony Clarke Republican 26.8% Loss
Edward Vincent Democratic 73.2% Win
Robert Pullen-Miles Republican 15.4% Loss
Carl Washington Democratic 84.6% Win
Debra Bowen Democratic 57.7% Win
Dan Walker Republican 42.3% Loss
Steven T. Kuykendall Republican 50.7% Win
Gerrie Schipske Democratic 49.3% Loss
Richard E. "Dick" Floyd Democratic 74.2% Win
Ronald Hayes Republican 25.8% Loss
Sally M. Havice Democratic 49.4% Win
Arthur M. Hayes Libertarian 3.2% Loss
Richard Lambros Republican 47.5% Loss
Martin Gallegos Democratic 69.7% Win
Jim Kleinpell Republican 30.3% Loss
John P. McCready Libertarian 7.7% Loss
Grace F. Napolitano Democratic 61.3% Win
Albert J. Nunez Republican 31% Loss
Brent A. Decker Democratic 41.6% Loss
Bob Margett Republican 58.4% Win
Susan Amaya Democratic 47.3% Loss
Gary G. Miller Republican 52.7% Win
Fred Aguiar Republican 55% Win
Paul Vincent Avila Democratic 40.3% Loss
Michael Alan Piltch Libertarian 4.7% Loss
Joe Baca Democratic 64.3% Win
Glenn Elssmann Republican 35.7% Loss
Bill Leonard Republican 62.8% Win
Wilma Strinati Libertarian 37.2% Loss
Arthur Johnson Write-in 0.2% Loss
Rod Pacheco Republican 54.1% Win
Grace Slocum Democratic 41.9% Loss
Phil Turner Libertarian 3.7% Loss
Brett Granlund Republican 56.6% Win
Shirley A. Morton Democratic 38.8% Loss
William O'Brien Write-in 0.1% Loss
Douglas R. Wallack Natural Law 4.5% Loss
Patsy Hockersmith Democratic 34.3% Loss
Bill E. Reed Libertarian 3.6% Loss
Bruce Thompson Republican 62.1% Win
Scott R. Baugh Republican 56.3% Win
Cliff Brightman Democratic 38.1% Loss
Donald W. Rowe Reform 5.6% Loss
Audrey L. Gibson Democratic 41.3% Loss
Curt Pringle Republican 58.7% Win
Lou Correa Democratic 47.9% Loss
Larry G. Engwall Natural Law 3.9% Loss
Jim Morrissey Republican 48.1% Win
Gene Beed Libertarian 4.3% Loss
Marilyn C. Brewer Republican 61.5% Win
Paul R. Fisher Natural Law 2.8% Loss
Shirley W. Palley Democratic 31.5% Loss
William J. "Bill" Campbell Republican 70.6% Win
Jack Roberts Democratic 29.4% Loss
Dick Ackerman Republican 100% Win
Catherine Carter Natural Law 9.6% Loss
William P. "Bill" Morrow Republican 63.3% Win
Robert D. Wilberg Democratic 27.2% Loss
Fred Clayton Nonpartisan 36.9% Loss
Howard J. Kaloogian Republican 56.9% Win
Douglas F. Webb Libertarian 6.1% Loss
William S. Cowling III Natural Law 4.4% Loss
Jan I. Goldsmith Republican 71.6% Win
Adrian S. Kwiatkowski Democratic 24% Loss
Susan A. Davis Democratic 53% Win
Christine Freel Peace and Freedom 2.6% Loss
Bob Trettin Republican 44.3% Loss
Steven C. Baldwin Republican 56% Win
Janet M. Gastil Democratic 39.8% Loss
Elizabeth Meyers Libertarian 4.2% Loss
Tricia Rae Hunter Republican 45.8% Loss
Nathan E. Johnson American Independent 5.2% Loss
Elizabeth Lenardi Write-in 0.3% Loss
Howard Wayne Democratic 48.7% Win
Bob Divine Republican 28.5% Loss
Denise Moreno Ducheny Democratic 71.5% Win
Jim Battin Republican 56.7% Win
John R. Borchert Natural Law 2.5% Loss
Steve Clute Democratic 40.8% Loss