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November 3, 1992

General Election

Note: A total of 11,374,565 Californians voted in this election.

George Bush Republican 32.6% Loss
Willie F. Carter Write-in Loss
Bill Clinton Democratic 46% Win
Ron Daniels Peace and Freedom 0.2% Loss
Bo Gritz Populist Loss
John Hagelin Natural Law Loss
Lyndon LaRouche Economic Recovery Loss
Andre Marrou Libertarian 0.4% Loss
Isabell Masters Looking Back Loss
H. Ross Perot Independent 20.6% Loss
Howard Phillips American Independent 0.1% Loss
Gene Smith Write-in Loss
James Warren Socialist Workers Loss
Robert L. Bell Write-in Loss
Barbara Boxer Democratic 47.9% Win
Joel Britton Write-in Loss
June R. Genis Write-in Loss
June R. Genis Libertarian 2.2% Loss
Bruce Herschensohn Republican 43% Loss
Jerome N. "Jerry" McCready American Independent 3.5% Loss
Genevieve Torres Peace and Freedom 3.5% Loss
Phil Baldwin Peace and Freedom 4.3% Loss
Dan Hamburg Democratic 47.6% Win
Matthew L. Howard Libertarian 3% Loss
Frank D. Riggs Republican 45.1% Loss
Elliot Roy Freedman Democratic 28% Loss
Wally Herger Republican 65.2% Win
Harry Hugh "Doc" Pendery Libertarian 6.8% Loss
Ross Crain Libertarian 8.6% Loss
Vic Fazio Democratic 51.2% Win
H. L. "Bill" Richardson Republican 40.3% Loss
John T. Doolittle Republican 49.8% Win
Patricia Malberg Democratic 45.7% Loss
Patrick Lee McHargue Libertarian 4.5% Loss
Robert S. Dinsmore Republican 25.5% Loss
Tian Harter Green 1.9% Loss
Robert T. Matsui Democratic 68.6% Win
Gordon D. Mors American Independent 2.1% Loss
Chris J. Rufer Libertarian 2% Loss
William J. "Bill" Filante Republican 34% Loss
Lynn C. Woolsey Democratic 66% Win
David L. Franklin Peace and Freedom 4.5% Loss
George Miller Democratic 70.3% Win
Dave Scholl Republican 25.1% Loss
Cesar G. Cadabes Peace and Freedom 3.3% Loss
James R. Elwood Libertarian 3.2% Loss
Nancy Pelosi Democratic 82.5% Win
Marc Wolin Republican 11% Loss
Ron Dellums Democratic 71.9% Win
G. William "Billy" Hunter Republican 23.5% Loss
Dave Linn Peace and Freedom 4.6% Loss
William P. "Bill" Baker Republican 52% Win
Wendell H. Williams Democratic 48% Loss
Patti Garamendi Democratic 45.6% Loss
Richard Pombo Republican 47.6% Win
Christine Roberts Libertarian 6.8% Loss
Tom Lantos Democratic 68.8% Win
George L. O'Brien Libertarian 3.4% Loss
Jim R. Tomlin Republican 23.3% Loss
Mary Weldon Peace and Freedom 4.4% Loss
Roslyn A. Allen Peace and Freedom 8.2% Loss
Pete Stark Democratic 60.2% Win
Verne W. Teyler Republican 31.6% Loss
Anna G. Eshoo Democratic 56.7% Win
Tom Huening Republican 39% Loss
Chuck Olson Libertarian 2.8% Loss
David Wald Peace and Freedom 1.5% Loss
Duggan Dieterly Libertarian 5% Loss
Norm Mineta Democratic 63.7% Win
Robert Wick Republican 31.3% Loss
Ted Bundesen Republican 32% Loss
Don Edwards Democratic 62% Win
Amani S. Kuumba Peace and Freedom 6% Loss
Bill McCampbell Republican 23.7% Loss
Leon E. Panetta Democratic 72% Win
Maureen Smith Peace and Freedom 2.3% Loss
John D. Wilkes Libertarian 1.9% Loss
Kim R. Almstrom Libertarian 15.3% Loss
Gary Condit Democratic 84.7% Win
Tal L. Cloud Republican 46.7% Loss
Richard H. Lehman Democratic 47.1% Win
Dorothy L. Wells Peace and Freedom 6.2% Loss
Cal Dooley Democratic 64.9% Win
Ed Hunt Republican 35.1% Loss
William M. Thomas Republican 65.2% Win
Deborah A. Vollmer Democratic 34.8% Loss
William Howard Dilbeck Libertarian 3% Loss
Michael Huffington Republican 52.5% Win
Mindy Lorenz Green 9.5% Loss
Gloria Ochoa Democratic 35% Loss
Anita Perez Ferguson Democratic 41.5% Loss
Elton W. Gallegly Republican 54.3% Win
Jay C. Wood Libertarian 4.3% Loss
Anthony C. Beilenson Democratic 55.5% Win
Jack Lindblad Peace and Freedom 5.4% Loss
Tom McClintock Republican 39.1% Loss
Peggy L. Christensen Libertarian 3.2% Loss
James H. "Gil" Gilmartin Democratic 33% Loss
Nancy Lawrence Peace and Freedom 2.3% Loss
Buck McKeon Republican 51.9% Win
Rick Pamplin Independent 6.4% Loss
Charles Wilken Green 3.2% Loss
Howard L. Berman Democratic 61% Win
Gary E. Forsch Republican 30.1% Loss
Margery Hinds Peace and Freedom 5.9% Loss
Bernard Zimring Libertarian 2.9% Loss
Dennis Decherd Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Margaret L. Edwards Peace and Freedom 3.4% Loss
Doug Kahn Democratic 39.4% Loss
Carlos J. Moorhead Republican 49.7% Win
Jesse A. Moorman Green 5.2% Loss
Thomas J. Dominy Libertarian 2% Loss
David Dreier Republican 58.4% Win
Walt Contreras Sheasby Green 3% Loss
Al Wachtel Democratic 36.5% Loss
Susan C. Davies Peace and Freedom 5.3% Loss
David Davis Independent 5.9% Loss
Mark A. Robbins Republican 25.7% Loss
Felix Tsvi Rogin Libertarian 1.8% Loss
Henry A. Waxman Democratic 61.3% Win
Xavier Becerra Democratic 58.4% Win
Blase Bonpane Green 7.6% Loss
Andrew "Drew" Consalvo Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Elizabeth A. Nakano Peace and Freedom 7.4% Loss
Morry Waksberg Republican 24% Loss
Reuben D. Franco Republican 37.4% Loss
Matthew G. Martinez Democratic 62.6% Win
Julian C. Dixon Democratic 87.2% Win
Bob Weber Libertarian 7.2% Loss
William R. Williams (II) Peace and Freedom 5.7% Loss
Tim Delia Peace and Freedom 4.2% Loss
Robert Guzman Republican 30.4% Loss
Dale S. Olvera Libertarian 2.4% Loss
Lucille Roybal-Allard Democratic 63% Win
J. Jay Hernandez Republican 34% Loss
Carl M. "Marty" Swinney Libertarian 4.7% Loss
Ed Torres Democratic 61.3% Win
Alice Mae Miles Peace and Freedom 2.2% Loss
Carin Rogers Libertarian 1.3% Loss
Nate Truman Republican 14% Loss
Maxine Waters Democratic 82.5% Win
Marc F. Denny Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Joan Milke Flores Republican 52.4% Loss
Richard H. Greene Green 6.4% Loss
Jane Harman Democratic 35.9% Win
Owen Staley Peace and Freedom 2.6% Loss
B. Kwaku Duren Peace and Freedom 14.3% Loss
Walter R. Tucker III Democratic 85.7% Win
Blake Ashley Libertarian 3.6% Loss
Evan Anderson Braude Democratic 43.4% Loss
Paul Burton Peace and Freedom 4.4% Loss
Steve Horn Republican 48.6% Win
Jack Dean Libertarian 4.4% Loss
Molly McClanahan Democratic 38.2% Loss
Edward R. Royce Republican 57.3% Win
Margie Akin Peace and Freedom 5.8% Loss
Jerry Lewis Republican 63.1% Win
Donald M. "Don" Rusk Democratic 31.1% Loss
Bob Baker Democratic 34.4% Loss
Jay Kim Republican 59.6% Win
James Michael "Mike" Noonan Peace and Freedom 5.9% Loss
George Brown Democratic 50.7% Win
Dick Rutan Republican 44% Loss
Fritz R. Ward Libertarian 5.4% Loss
Gene L. Berkman Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Ken Calvert Republican 46.7% Win
Gary R. Odom American Independent 3.2% Loss
John Schwab Write-in 1.1% Loss
Mark A. Takano Democratic 46.4% Loss
Alfred A. "Al" McCandless Republican 54.2% Win
Georgia Smith Democratic 40.1% Loss
Phil Turner Libertarian 5.7% Loss
Gary David Copeland Libertarian 6.5% Loss
Patricia "Pat" McCabe Democratic 39% Loss
Dana Rohrabacher Republican 54.5% Win
Robert John Banuelos Democratic 41% Loss
Bob Dornan Republican 50.2% Win
Richard G. Newhouse Libertarian 8.8% Loss
John F. Anwiler Democratic 30.3% Loss
Chris Cox Republican 64.9% Win
Maxine Bell Quirk Peace and Freedom 4.8% Loss
Michael P. "Mike" Farber Democratic 29.2% Loss
Ted Lowe Libertarian 3.8% Loss
Ron Packard Republican 61.1% Win
Donna White Peace and Freedom 5.8% Loss
Judy Jarvis Republican 42.7% Loss
Lynn Schenk Democratic 51.1% Win
John Wallner Libertarian 4.3% Loss
Milton Zaslow Peace and Freedom 1.9% Loss
Roger Bruce Batchelder Peace and Freedom 3.1% Loss
Bob Filner Democratic 56.6% Win
Barbara Hutchinson Libertarian 11.3% Loss
Tony Valencia Republican 28.9% Loss
Miriam E. Clark Peace and Freedom 4.1% Loss
Randy "Duke" Cunningham Republican 56.1% Win
Bea Herbert Democratic 33.7% Loss
Bill Holmes Libertarian 4.1% Loss
Richard L. "Dick" Roe Green 2.1% Loss
Janet M. Gastil Democratic 41.2% Loss
Dennis P. Gretsinger Peace and Freedom 2.7% Loss
Duncan Hunter Republican 52.9% Win
Joseph B. Shea Libertarian 3.3% Loss
Tim Leslie Republican 54.8% Win
Thomas "Tom" Romero Democratic 35.8% Loss
Kent Smith Green 9.5% Loss
Bill Boerum Republican 25.1% Loss
Giovanni Graham Peace and Freedom 3.6% Loss
Milton Marks Democratic 66.4% Win
Will C. Wohler Libertarian 4.9% Loss
Patrick Johnston Democratic 57.5% Win
Eric W. Roberts Libertarian 5.2% Loss
Ron Stauffer Republican 37.3% Loss
Daniel Boatwright Democratic 58% Win
Gilbert R. "Gib" Marguth Jr. Republican 42% Loss
David Campbell Peace and Freedom 15.4% Loss
Nicholas C. Petris Democratic 84.6% Win
Christopher R. Inama Libertarian 4.8% Loss
Becky Morgan Republican 64.5% Win
Frank W. Trinkle Democratic 30.7% Loss
Al Alquist Democratic 60.5% Win
Michael R. Iddings Republican 31.2% Loss
John H. Webster Libertarian 8.3% Loss
Susanne Espinoza Peace and Freedom 7.5% Loss
Edward Laverone Republican 34.1% Loss
Henry Mello Democratic 58.4% Win
Fred Heiser Libertarian 8.9% Loss
William M. Olenick Democratic 38.9% Loss
Don Rogers Republican 52.2% Win
Richard N. Burns Libertarian 4.1% Loss
Charles D. Najbergier Peace and Freedom 3.8% Loss
Hank Starr Democratic 38.8% Loss
Cathie M. Wright Republican 53.2% Win
Rachel J. Dewey Democratic 39.5% Loss
James R. "Bob" New Libertarian 4.2% Loss
Newton R. Russell Republican 54.1% Win
Jan B. Tucker Peace and Freedom 2.2% Loss
Tom Hayden Democratic 55.9% Win
Shirley Rachel Isaacson Peace and Freedom 7.9% Loss
Leonard H. "Len" McRoskey Republican 33.1% Loss
R. William Weilburg Libertarian 3.1% Loss
Hattie Marie Benn Peace and Freedom 4.5% Loss
Teresa P. Hughes Democratic 76.8% Win
Cliff McClain Republican 18.8% Loss
Robert G. Beverly Republican 47.3% Win
Brian Finander Democratic 45.4% Loss
Patrick John McCoy Peace and Freedom 3.3% Loss
David J. Rosen Libertarian 4% Loss
Sandra K. "Sandy" Hester Democratic 43.8% Loss
Frank Hill Republican 56.2% Win
Bill Leonard Republican 100% Win
Samuel D. Eidt Democratic 29% Loss
Doyle Guhy Libertarian 6.9% Loss
John R. Lewis Republican 64.1% Win
Marian C. Bergeson Republican 62.2% Win
Dorianne Garcia Democratic 32.7% Loss
Eric Sprik Libertarian 5% Loss
David G. Kelley Republican 52.5% Win
Renate M. Kline Peace and Freedom 6.2% Loss
Craig McElvany Libertarian 3.6% Loss
Jim Rickard Democratic 37.7% Loss
Patricia Cofre Peace and Freedom 3.5% Loss
Jim Ellis Republican 33% Loss
Lucy Killea Independent 60.4% Win
John P. Moody Libertarian 3.1% Loss
Pamela Elizondo Peace and Freedom 2.6% Loss
Daniel E. "Dan" Hauser Democratic 57.2% Win
Margene McGee Green 5.7% Loss
Anna L. Sparks Republican 34.5% Loss
William "Bill" Brashears Democratic 35.1% Loss
Stan Statham Republican 64.9% Win
Lon S. Hatamiya Democratic 37.7% Loss
Bernie Richter Republican 51.7% Win
Vicki Lynn Vallis Libertarian 10.6% Loss
Gary Hines Libertarian 8.6% Loss
David Knowles Republican 56.1% Win
Mark A. Norberg Democratic 35.2% Loss
Joan Barry Democratic 41.2% Loss
B. T. Collins Republican 58.8% Win
Al Aramburu Republican 39.5% Loss
Vivian Bronshvag Democratic 53.3% Win
Adam McAfee Libertarian 4.8% Loss
Coleman C. Persily Peace and Freedom 2.5% Loss
Valerie K. Brown Democratic 60.2% Win
Janet Nicholas Republican 35.9% Loss
Irv Sutley Peace and Freedom 3.9% Loss
Richard Fields Libertarian 5.7% Loss
John W. Ford Republican 36.7% Loss
Thomas M. Hannigan Democratic 57.6% Win
Richard Geiselhart Green 7.2% Loss
Phillip L. Isenberg Democratic 66% Win
David Reade Republican 26.8% Loss
Kay Albiani Democratic 42% Loss
Larry Bowler Republican 53.1% Win
Stephen M. Delany American Independent 2.6% Loss
Joseph S. Farina Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Robert J. "Bob" Campbell Democratic 100% Win
John Burton Democratic 65.1% Win
Storm Jenkins Republican 26.1% Loss
Kitty Reese Peace and Freedom 6.3% Loss
Anton Sherwood Libertarian 2.5% Loss
Willie Brown Democratic 69.5% Win
Walter Medina Peace and Freedom 8.1% Loss
John Sidline Republican 18.9% Loss
Mark Valverde Libertarian 3.6% Loss
Tom Bates Democratic 82.1% Win
Marsha Feinland Peace and Freedom 17.9% Loss
Charles W. Brydon Democratic 41.4% Loss
Dick Rainey Republican 58.6% Win
David V. Anderson Republican 20% Loss
Barbara Lee Democratic 74.5% Win
Emma Wong Mar Peace and Freedom 5.5% Loss
Dean Andal Republican 50.6% Win
Michael J. Machado Democratic 49.4% Loss
Terry L. Floyd Libertarian 6.9% Loss
Don J. Grundmann Republican 28.1% Loss
Johan Klehs Democratic 65% Win
Ellyne Berger Republican 24.9% Loss
Jackie Speier Democratic 75.1% Win
Lindy G. Batara Republican 35.9% Loss
Delaine Eastin Democratic 64.1% Win
Janice "Jan" LaFetra Republican 33.3% Loss
Lyn Sapowsky-Smith Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Byron D. Sher Democratic 63.2% Win
Bob Goodwyn Libertarian 6.2% Loss
Tim Jeffries Republican 39.4% Loss
John Vasconcellos Democratic 54.4% Win
Dom Cortese Democratic 65.9% Win
Monica Valladares Republican 34.1% Loss
Jim Beall Democratic 43.7% Loss
James L. Ludemann Libertarian 6.5% Loss
Chuck Quackenbush Republican 49.7% Win
Barbara Keating-Edh Republican 48.5% Loss
Margaret E. Snyder Democratic 51.5% Win
Sal Cannella Democratic 56.8% Win
Rob Parks Libertarian 8% Loss
Scott Weimer Republican 35.2% Loss
Sam Farr Democratic 60.7% Win
David Lucier Peace and Freedom 4.2% Loss
Susan Whitman Republican 35.1% Loss
Rusty Areias Democratic 59% Win
Peter Frusetta Republican 41% Loss
Bill Jones Republican 100% Win
Jim Costa Democratic 65.2% Win
Gerald G. Hurt Republican 34.8% Loss
Bruce Bronzan Democratic 100% Win
Irma Carson Democratic 31.7% Loss
Trice Harvey Republican 65.5% Win
Jeffrey Ivan Laing Libertarian 2.8% Loss
John B. Ashbaugh Democratic 39.8% Loss
Steve McClenathan Libertarian 4.6% Loss
Andrea H. Seastrand Republican 55.6% Win
Joe Green Democratic 35.5% Loss
Kathleen M. Honeycutt Republican 64.5% Win
Alan O. "Lanny" Ebenstein Republican 33.3% Loss
Jack O'Connell Democratic 66.7% Win
William J. "Pete" Knight Republican 58.2% Win
Arnie Rodio Democratic 33.5% Loss
Ronald Tisbert Libertarian 8.3% Loss
David A. Harner Libertarian 5.7% Loss
Roz McGrath Democratic 43.4% Loss
Nao Takasugi Republican 50.8% Win
Paula L. Boland Republican 53.7% Win
Howard Cohen Democratic 40.7% Loss
Devin Cutler Libertarian 5.6% Loss
Nicholas Fitzgerald Republican 25.6% Loss
David H. George Libertarian 5% Loss
Richard Katz Democratic 69.4% Win
Glenn Trujillo Bailey Green 3.6% Loss
Barbara Friedman Democratic 57.8% Win
Jean K. Glasser Peace and Freedom 5% Loss
Horace H. Heidt Republican 30.5% Loss
John R. Vernon Libertarian 3.1% Loss
Terry B. Friedman Democratic 55.4% Win
Christine Reed Republican 39.6% Loss
Roy A. Sykes Jr. Libertarian 5.1% Loss
Timothy Andrew Burdick Peace and Freedom 3.4% Loss
Robert "Bob" Davis Republican 26.6% Loss
Burt M. Margolin Democratic 67.3% Win
Andrew S. Rotter Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Anthony G. Bajada Libertarian 6.4% Loss
Elliott Stone Graham Democratic 37.4% Loss
Pat Nolan Republican 56.2% Win
Jonathan S. Fuhrman Democratic 44% Loss
Bill Hoge Republican 51.8% Win
Kenneth J. "Ken" Saurenman Libertarian 4.2% Loss
Jaime Luis Gomez Peace and Freedom 9.3% Loss
Kitty Hendrick Republican 26.1% Loss
Richard G. Polanco Democratic 64.6% Win
Louis Caldera Democratic 71.8% Win
Michael B. Everling Libertarian 2.4% Loss
David M. Osbourne Republican 21.3% Loss
Kevin Casey "K.C." Peters Peace and Freedom 4.4% Loss
Chuck Hammill Libertarian 3.8% Loss
Jonathan "John" Leonard Republican 14% Loss
Gwen Moore Democratic 80.8% Win
Yassin A. Saededdin Peace and Freedom 1.4% Loss
Marguerite Archie-Hudson Democratic 93.1% Win
Jonathan "John" Leonard Republican 6.9% Loss
Kim J. Goldsworthy Libertarian 3.7% Loss
Diane Martinez Democratic 55.5% Win
Sophie C. Wong Republican 40.8% Loss
Martha M. Escutia Democratic 75% Win
Gladys O. Miller Republican 25% Loss
Clark W. Hanley Libertarian 12.3% Loss
Curtis R. Tucker Jr. Democratic 81.9% Win
Xenia Geraldina Williams Peace and Freedom 5.8% Loss
Willard H. Murray Jr. Democratic 100% Win
Debra Bowen Democratic 54.1% Win
William N. Gaillard Libertarian 4.7% Loss
W. Brad Parton Republican 41.2% Loss
Gerald N. Felando Republican 43.9% Loss
Joseph G. "Joe" Fields American Independent 4.1% Loss
Betty Karnette Democratic 51.9% Win
Shannon Anderson Libertarian 17.2% Loss
Juanita Millender-McDonald Democratic 82.8% Win
Bob Epple Democratic 47.8% Win
Richard Gard Libertarian 4.8% Loss
Phillip D. "Phil" Hawkins Republican 47.4% Loss
Bruce Dovner Libertarian 4.9% Loss
Hilda L. Solis Democratic 60.9% Win
Gary Woods Republican 34.3% Loss
Ken Gow Republican 28.1% Loss
John P. McCready Libertarian 7.7% Loss
Grace F. Napolitano Democratic 64.2% Win
Louise C. Gelber Democratic 44.5% Loss
Dick Mountjoy Republican 55.5% Win
Stan Caress Democratic 36.6% Loss
Paul V. Horcher Republican 55.7% Win
Robert W. Lewis American Independent 7.7% Loss
Fred Aguiar Republican 58.4% Win
Cynthia Allaire Green 5.3% Loss
Larry S. Simcoe Democratic 36.3% Loss
Joe Baca Democratic 58.6% Win
Ethel M. Haas Libertarian 6.3% Loss
Steven W. Hall Republican 35.1% Loss
Jim Brulte Republican 56.1% Win
Joseph M "Joe" Desist Green 12.7% Loss
A. L. "Larry" Westwood Democratic 31.2% Loss
Jane Carney Democratic 46.6% Loss
Jane A. Henson Libertarian 5.6% Loss
Ted Weggeland Republican 47.9% Win
Michael S. Geller Libertarian 8.8% Loss
Alice J. Robb Democratic 38.7% Loss
Paul A. Woodruff Republican 52.5% Win
Ray Haynes Republican 58.1% Win
Patsy Hockersmith Democratic 31.4% Loss
Bill E. Reed Libertarian 3.4% Loss
Anne Patrice Wood Peace and Freedom 7.1% Loss
Doris Allen Republican 59.2% Win
Ken Leblanc Democratic 33% Loss
Brian Schar Libertarian 7.8% Loss
Curt Pringle Republican 57.1% Win
Linda Kay Rigney Democratic 42.9% Loss
Jo Ellen Allen Republican 34.1% Loss
David R. Keller Libertarian 5.9% Loss
Tom Umberg Democratic 60% Win
Scott Bieser Libertarian 7.1% Loss
Gil Ferguson Republican 56.7% Win
Jim Toledano Democratic 36.2% Loss
Mickey Conroy Republican 61.8% Win
Bea Foster Democratic 38.2% Loss
Geoffrey Braun Libertarian 6.4% Loss
Paul Garza Jr. Democratic 32.4% Loss
Ross Johnson Republican 61.2% Win
Paul H. King Libertarian 4.7% Loss
William P. "Bill" Morrow Republican 54.4% Win
Paul A. Steele Peace and Freedom 3.5% Loss
Lee Walker Democratic 37.4% Loss
Robert Frazee Republican 55.9% Win
Mark Hunt Libertarian 6.6% Loss
Ken Lanzer Democratic 32% Loss
Shirley Marcoux Peace and Freedom 5.6% Loss
Jack C. Anderson Libertarian 4% Loss
Dante Cosentino Democratic 27.1% Loss
Alfredo R. Felix Peace and Freedom 1.9% Loss
Jan I. Goldsmith Republican 64.5% Win
Daniel Ford Tarr Green 2.5% Loss
Dick Daleke Republican 37% Loss
Mike Gotch Democratic 57.2% Win
Forest H. Worten Peace and Freedom 2.1% Loss
Patrick "Pat" Wright Libertarian 3.6% Loss
Steven C. Baldwin Republican 44.6% Loss
Jeff Bishop Libertarian 6.1% Loss
Tom Connolly Democratic 47.8% Win
R. M. Monty Reed Kroopkin Peace and Freedom 1.5% Loss
Dede Alpert Democratic 53.5% Win
Jeff Marston Republican 41.4% Loss
Sally Sherry O'Brien Peace and Freedom 5.1% Loss
Steve Peace Democratic 65.2% Win
Edwardo A. Prud-Home Peace and Freedom 2.9% Loss
Raul Silva-Martinez Republican 27.7% Loss
James R. Train Libertarian 4.1% Loss
Julie Bornstein Democratic 49.6% Win
Philip B. Dreisbach Write-in 1.4% Loss
Tricia Rae Hunter Republican 49% Loss

Special Election

Special Election to fill vacancy caused by resignation of U.S. Senator Pete Wilson. Wilson resigned after being elected Governor.

Richard Benjamin Boddie Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Jerry Leon Carroll Write-in Loss
Dianne Feinstein Democratic 54.3% Win
Gerald Horne Peace and Freedom 2.8% Loss
Paul Meeuwenberg American Independent 2.6% Loss
John Seymour Republican 38% Loss
Joe R. Swanson Write-in Loss