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November 3, 1998

General Election

Note: A total of 8,621,121 Californians voted in this election.

Philip Ashamallah Write-in Loss
Harold H. Bloomfield Natural Law 0.4% Loss
Gray Davis Democratic 58% Win
Dan Hamburg Green 1.2% Loss
Holden Charles Hollom Write-in Loss
Nathan E. Johnson American Independent 0.5% Loss
Lark D. Jursek Write-in Loss
Steve Kubby Libertarian 0.9% Loss
Gloria Estela La Riva Peace and Freedom 0.7% Loss
Dan Lungren Republican 38.4% Loss
Gale Shangold Write-in Loss
Lieutenant Governor
Sara Amir Green 3% Loss
Cruz M. Bustamante Democratic 52.7% Win
Jaime Luis Gomez Peace and Freedom 1.3% Loss
Tim Leslie Republican 38.8% Loss
James J. Mangia Reform 0.9% Loss
George M. McCoy American Independent 1.1% Loss
Tom Tryon Libertarian 2.1% Loss
Secretary of State
Michela Alioto-Pier Democratic 45.9% Loss
Jane Ann Bialosky Natural Law 1.3% Loss
Israel Feuer Peace and Freedom 1% Loss
Bill Jones Republican 47% Win
Gail K. Lightfoot Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Valli Sharpe-Geisler Reform 0.9% Loss
Carolyn Rae Short American Independent 1.2% Loss
Iris Adam Natural Law 0.6% Loss
Ruben Barrales Republican 33.1% Loss
Alfred L. "Al" Burgess American Independent 1.4% Loss
Kathleen Connell Democratic 60.9% Win
Denise L. Jackson Reform 1.3% Loss
Pamela J. Pescosolido Libertarian 1.8% Loss
C. T. Weber Peace and Freedom 0.9% Loss
J. Carlos Aguirre Natural Law 2.2% Loss
Phil Angelides Democratic 52.6% Win
Edmon V. Kaiser American Independent 1.2% Loss
Jon Petersen Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Curt Pringle Republican 39.9% Loss
Jan B. Tucker Peace and Freedom 1.8% Loss
Attorney General
Robert J. Evans Peace and Freedom 1.8% Loss
Joseph S. Farina Libertarian 1.9% Loss
Bill Lockyer Democratic 51.5% Win
Dave Stirling Republican 42.4% Loss
Diane Beall Templin American Independent 2.4% Loss
Insurance Commissioner
Barbara Bourdette Natural Law 1.6% Loss
Diane Martinez Democratic 43.8% Loss
Dale F. Ogden Libertarian 2.1% Loss
Chuck Quackenbush Republican 49.9% Win
Gary R. Ramos Peace and Freedom 1.4% Loss
Merton D. Short American Independent 1.2% Loss
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Delaine Eastin Nonpartisan 53.6% Win
Gloria Matta Tuchman Nonpartisan 46.4% Loss
Johan Klehs Democratic 78.4% Win
Kennita Watson Libertarian 21.6% Loss
Dean Andal Republican 55.2% Win
Tom Y. Santos Democratic 44.8% Loss
Mary Christian-Heising Democratic 41.7% Loss
J. R. Graham Libertarian 3.7% Loss
Claude W. Parrish Republican 53.1% Win
Maxine Bell Quirk Peace and Freedom 1.5% Loss
Joe H. Adams Jr. Republican 29.9% Loss
Glenn Trujillo Bailey Green 4% Loss
John Chiang Democratic 60.2% Win
Shirley Rachel Isaacson Peace and Freedom 3.1% Loss
William R. Jennings Libertarian 2.8% Loss
Ophie C. Beltran Peace and Freedom 0.6% Loss
Barbara Boxer Democratic 53.1% Win
Ted Brown Libertarian 1.1% Loss
Timothy R. Erich Reform 1% Loss
Matt Fong Republican 43% Loss
H. Joseph Perrin Sr. American Independent 0.7% Loss
Brian M. Rees Natural Law 0.6% Loss
Ernest K. Jones Jr. Peace and Freedom 2.5% Loss
Mark C. Luce Republican 32.1% Loss
Emil P. Rossi Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Mike Thompson Democratic 60.5% Win
Lawrence R. Weisner Write-in 2.2% Loss
Roberts "Rob" Braden Democratic 33.6% Loss
Wally Herger Republican 60.9% Win
Stephen F. Scott Write-in 2.6% Loss
Patrice Thiessen Natural Law 2.9% Loss
Ross Crain Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Sandie Dunn Democratic 45% Loss
Doug Ose Republican 52.4% Win
John T. Doolittle Republican 62.6% Win
David Shapiro Democratic 34.4% Loss
Dan Winterrowd Libertarian 3% Loss
Ken Adams Write-in 1.9% Loss
Robert S. Dinsmore Republican 25.5% Loss
Robert T. Matsui Democratic 70.5% Win
Douglas Arthur Tuma Libertarian 2% Loss
Alan Roy Barreca Natural Law 2.2% Loss
Ken McAuliffe Republican 29.7% Loss
Lynn C. Woolsey Democratic 68% Win
George Miller Democratic 76.7% Win
Norman H. Reece Republican 23.3% Loss
David J. Martz Republican 12% Loss
Nancy Pelosi Democratic 85.8% Win
David Smithstein Natural Law 2.1% Loss
Barbara Lee Democratic 82.8% Win
Walter Kenneth Ruehlig Natural Law 1.2% Loss
Claiborne "Clay" Sanders Republican 13.2% Loss
Gerald Sanders Peace and Freedom 2.8% Loss
Charles Ball Republican 43.4% Loss
Valerie Janlois Natural Law 1.7% Loss
John Place Reform 1.4% Loss
Ellen Tauscher Democratic 53.5% Win
Jesse Baird Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Robert L. Figueroa Democratic 36.2% Loss
Richard Pombo Republican 61.4% Win
Robert H. Evans Jr. Republican 21.1% Loss
Tom Lantos Democratic 74% Win
Mike Moloney Libertarian 4.9% Loss
Karnig Beylikjian Natural Law 2.1% Loss
James R. "Jim" Goetz Republican 26.6% Loss
Pete Stark Democratic 71.2% Win
Anna Currivan Natural Law 1.3% Loss
Joseph W. Dehn III Libertarian 1.7% Loss
Anna G. Eshoo Democratic 68.6% Win
Chris Haugen Republican 28.4% Loss
Tom Campbell Republican 59.7% Win
Dick Lane Democratic 37.4% Loss
Frank Strutner Natural Law 1.5% Loss
Constant "Connor" Vlakancic Write-in 1.4% Loss
John H. Black Natural Law 3.8% Loss
Zoe Lofgren Democratic 72.8% Win
Horace Eugene "Gene" Thayn Republican 23.4% Loss
Sam Farr Democratic 64.5% Win
Rick S. Garrett Libertarian 1.7% Loss
Scott R. Hartley Natural Law 1.1% Loss
Bill McCampbell Republican 32.7% Loss
Gary Condit Democratic 86.8% Win
Linda Marie DeGroat Libertarian 13.2% Loss
George P. Radanovich Republican 79.4% Win
Jonathan Richter Libertarian 20.6% Loss
Cal Dooley Democratic 60.7% Win
Cliff Unruh Republican 39.3% Loss
John Leslie Evans Reform 21.1% Loss
William M. Thomas Republican 78.9% Win
Robert Bakhaus Libertarian 1.3% Loss
Tom Bordonaro Republican 43.1% Loss
Lois Capps Democratic 55% Win
Richard D. "Dick" Porter Reform 0.6% Loss
Elton W. Gallegly Republican 60.1% Win
Daniel R. "Dan" Gonzalez Democratic 39.9% Loss
Catherine Carter Natural Law 1.7% Loss
Randy Hoffman Republican 38.5% Loss
Erich D. Miller Libertarian 1.5% Loss
Brad Sherman Democratic 57.3% Win
Ralph L. Shroyer Peace and Freedom 1% Loss
Bruce R. Acker Libertarian 25.3% Loss
Buck McKeon Republican 74.7% Win
Maria Armoudian Green 5.8% Loss
Howard L. Berman Democratic 82.5% Win
David L. Cossak Natural Law 3.9% Loss
Juan Carlos Ros Libertarian 7.8% Loss
Barry A. Gordon Democratic 46.4% Loss
James R. "Bob" New Libertarian 2.8% Loss
Jim Rogan Republican 50.7% Win
M. Lawrence Allison Natural Law 0.5% Loss
Jerry R. Douglas Libertarian 1.3% Loss
David Dreier Republican 57.6% Win
Janice M. Nelson Democratic 39.3% Loss
Walt Contreras Sheasby Green 1.2% Loss
Michael J. "Mike" Binkley Libertarian 2% Loss
Karen Blasdell-Wilkinson Natural Law 1.5% Loss
Mike Gottlieb Republican 22.6% Loss
Henry A. Waxman Democratic 73.9% Win
Xavier Becerra Democratic 81.2% Win
Patricia Parker Republican 18.8% Loss
Michael B. Everling Libertarian 1.3% Loss
Gary D. Hearne Natural Law 1% Loss
Krista Lieberg-Wong Green 5% Loss
Matthew G. Martinez Democratic 70% Win
Frank C. Moreno Republican 22.6% Loss
Laurence "Larry" Ardito Republican 11.3% Loss
Julian C. Dixon Democratic 86.7% Win
Velko Milosevich Libertarian 2% Loss
Wayne Miller Republican 12.8% Loss
Lucille Roybal-Allard Democratic 87.2% Win
Jason E. Heath Libertarian 1.9% Loss
Grace F. Napolitano Democratic 67.6% Win
Ed Perez Republican 28.6% Loss
Walter Scott American Independent 1.8% Loss
Gordon Michael Mego American Independent 10.7% Loss
Maxine Waters Democratic 89.3% Win
Robin Barrett Green 2% Loss
Janice Hahn Democratic 46.6% Loss
John R. Konopka Reform 0.9% Loss
Steven T. Kuykendall Republican 48.9% Win
Kerry Welsh Libertarian 1.7% Loss
Saul E. Lankster Republican 14.9% Loss
Juanita Millender-McDonald Democratic 85.1% Win
David Bowers Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Steve Horn Republican 51.6% Win
Peter Mathews Democratic 43.2% Loss
Margherita Underhill Write-in 2.5% Loss
Jack Dean Libertarian 2.2% Loss
A. R. "Cecy" Groom Democratic 34% Loss
Ron Jevning Natural Law 1.2% Loss
Edward R. Royce Republican 62.6% Win
Robert D. "Bob" Conaway Democratic 31.9% Loss
Jerry Lewis Republican 64.9% Win
Maurice Mayben Libertarian 3.2% Loss
Cynthia Allaire Green 2.8% Loss
Eileen R. Ansari Democratic 40.7% Loss
David F. Kramer Natural Law 1.3% Loss
Gary G. Miller Republican 53.2% Win
Kenneth E. Valentine Libertarian 2% Loss
George Brown Democratic 55.3% Win
David Lynn "Dave" Hollist Libertarian 1.7% Loss
Hale McGee American Independent 2.7% Loss
Elia Pirozzi Republican 40.3% Loss
Ken Calvert Republican 55.7% Win
Phill Courtney Green 3.7% Loss
Mike Rayburn Democratic 37.8% Loss
Annie Wallack Natural Law 2.8% Loss
Mary Bono Republican 60.1% Win
Jim J. Meuer Natural Law 4.2% Loss
Ralph Waite Democratic 35.7% Loss
Don Hull Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Patricia W. Neal Democratic 37.3% Loss
Dana Rohrabacher Republican 58.7% Win
William "Bill" Verkamp Jr. Natural Law 1.3% Loss
Bob Dornan Republican 39.3% Loss
Larry G. Engwall Natural Law 1.6% Loss
Thomas E. Reimer Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Loretta Sanchez Democratic 56.4% Win
Christina Avalos Democratic 29.5% Loss
Chris Cox Republican 67.6% Win
Paul R. Fisher Natural Law 0.7% Loss
Raymond O. Mills Reform 0.7% Loss
Victor A. Wagner Jr. Libertarian 1.5% Loss
Sharon K. Miles Natural Law 12.9% Loss
Daniel L. Muhe Libertarian 10.2% Loss
Ron Packard Republican 76.9% Win
Brian P. Bilbray Republican 48.8% Win
Janice Jordan Peace and Freedom 1.3% Loss
Christine T. Kehoe Democratic 46.6% Loss
Ernest "Ernie" Lippe Libertarian 1.8% Loss
Julia F. Simon Natural Law 1.5% Loss
Bob Filner Democratic 100% Win
Jack C. Anderson Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Eric Hunter Bourdette Natural Law 1.7% Loss
Randy "Duke" Cunningham Republican 60.1% Win
Daniel F. "Dan" Kripke Democratic 34.2% Loss
Donald J. Pando Write-in 1.5% Loss
Lynn Badler Libertarian 14.3% Loss
Duncan Hunter Republican 75.7% Win
Adrienne Pelton Natural Law 10% Loss
Wesley Chesbro Democratic 51.2% Win
Brian Garay Peace and Freedom 6.9% Loss
John Jordan Republican 41.9% Loss
Mark Desio Democratic 43.3% Loss
Maurice Johannessen Republican 56.7% Win
Gerald Klaas Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Deborah Ortiz Democratic 55.2% Win
Chris Quackenbush Republican 41.2% Loss
Jackie Speier Democratic 79.2% Win
Jim R. Tomlin Republican 20.8% Loss
Liz Figueroa Democratic 68.7% Win
Robert "Bob" Gough Republican 31.3% Loss
Sal Cannella Democratic 43.9% Loss
Mary Lee Gowland Libertarian 3.1% Loss
Dick Monteith Republican 53% Win
Chuck Poochigian Republican 100% Win
Jim Costa Democratic 71.9% Win
Gregg Palmer Republican 28.1% Loss
Gordon Klemm Republican 31.5% Loss
Jack O'Connell Democratic 66.8% Win
Jack Ray Libertarian 1.7% Loss
Richard Alarcon Democratic 65.9% Win
Ollie M. McCaulley Republican 27.4% Loss
Linda Starr Libertarian 6.7% Loss
Richard G. Polanco Democratic 89.5% Win
Marian "Muffy" Sunde Peace and Freedom 10.5% Loss
Kim J. Goldsworthy Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Hilda L. Solis Democratic 73.5% Win
C. A. "Carl" Taylor Republican 23.9% Loss
Mac Lane Key Republican 9.1% Loss
Kevin Murray Democratic 88.4% Win
Bob Weber Libertarian 2.5% Loss
Debra Bowen Democratic 64.4% Win
Neal Arvid Donner Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Asha Knott Republican 32.1% Loss
Martha M. Escutia Democratic 74% Win
John P. McCready Libertarian 3.5% Loss
John O. Robertson Republican 22.5% Loss
Joe Baca Democratic 58.5% Win
John S. "Scott" Ballard Libertarian 3.3% Loss
Eunice M. Ulloa Republican 38.2% Loss
Joe Dunn Democratic 51.3% Win
Rob Hurtt Republican 48.7% Loss
Ray Haynes Republican 60.1% Win
George M. Swift Democratic 39.9% Loss
Madelene E. Arakelian Democratic 32.8% Loss
Barbara Blair Natural Law 2.6% Loss
Gene Carl Independent 2.4% Loss
Paul H. King Libertarian 1.9% Loss
William P. "Bill" Morrow Republican 60.3% Win
Bob Divine Republican 30.4% Loss
David N. Graham Libertarian 3.3% Loss
Steve Peace Democratic 66.3% Win
Sam Crump Republican 33.7% Loss
Pamela Elizondo Peace and Freedom 4.6% Loss
Virginia Strom-Martin Democratic 61.7% Win
Pete Bret Libertarian 3.3% Loss
Richard "Dick" Dickerson Republican 56.7% Win
Francie L. Sullivan Democratic 39.9% Loss
Sam Aanestad Republican 60.9% Win
Scott Gruendl Democratic 39.1% Loss
Robert L. "Bob" Mulvany Libertarian 4.2% Loss
Mark A. Norberg Democratic 34.2% Loss
Rico Oller Republican 61.7% Win
Dave Cox Republican 57.2% Win
Linda Davis Democratic 39.3% Loss
Gene Frazier Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Kerry Lynn Mazzoni Democratic 67.3% Win
Coleman C. Persily Peace and Freedom 2.2% Loss
Russ Weiner Republican 30.5% Loss
Mike Rodrigues Libertarian 2.9% Loss
Bob Sanchez Republican 33.6% Loss
Irv Sutley Peace and Freedom 1.4% Loss
Patricia Wiggins Democratic 62.1% Win
Toni Thompson Republican 35.8% Loss
Helen M. Thomson Democratic 64.2% Win
Mike Dismukes Republican 27.7% Loss
Darrell Steinberg Democratic 72.3% Win
Debra Gravert Democratic 48.5% Loss
Tom Kohlhepp Libertarian 2.9% Loss
Anthony Pescetti Republican 48.7% Win
Allen D. Payton Republican 31% Loss
Tom Torlakson Democratic 69% Win
Mike Fitzgerald Republican 19.5% Loss
Kevin Shelley Democratic 80.5% Win
Randy Bernard Republican 15.2% Loss
Carole Migden Democratic 84.8% Win
Dion Aroner Democratic 87.2% Win
Jerald H. Udinsky Republican 12.8% Loss
Charles W. Brydon Democratic 38.1% Loss
Lynne C. Leach Republican 59.4% Win
R. Duncan Wheat Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Linda J. Marshall Republican 19.7% Loss
Don Perata Democratic 80.3% Win
Michael J. Machado Democratic 68.9% Win
Jay Smart Republican 31.1% Loss
Ellen M. Corbett Democratic 65.8% Win
Carol Nowicki Republican 34.2% Loss
Penny Ferguson Republican 24.8% Loss
Steve Marsland Libertarian 3.9% Loss
Lou Papan Democratic 71.3% Win
John A. Dutra Democratic 57.7% Win
Jonelle Joan Zager Republican 42.3% Loss
LaVerne F. Atherly Republican 27.5% Loss
Marilyn M. Bryant Natural Law 2.4% Loss
Ted Lempert Democratic 70.1% Win
Elaine K. Alquist Democratic 63.8% Win
Rick J. Dunstan Natural Law 1.5% Loss
Stan Kawczynski Republican 31.1% Loss
Paul Rako Libertarian 3.7% Loss
Patrick Du Long Republican 24.2% Loss
Mike Honda Democratic 75.8% Win
Jim Cunneen Republican 57.3% Win
Phil Stokes Democratic 38.9% Loss
Ray Strong Libertarian 3.8% Loss
Wesley W. Firch Democratic 35.1% Loss
George R. House Jr. Republican 61.9% Win
Leonard M. Surratt Reform 1.4% Loss
Jonathan Ira Zwickel Libertarian 1.6% Loss
Dennis A. Cardoza Democratic 64.1% Win
David Eaton Libertarian 1.4% Loss
Patty Hollingsworth Republican 33.6% Loss
Carl Towe American Independent 0.9% Loss
Phillip H. Chavez Republican 30.6% Loss
Dirk Walker Deardorff Libertarian 4% Loss
Fred Keeley Democratic 65.3% Win
Peter Frusetta Republican 51.6% Win
Alan D. Styles Democratic 44% Loss
Kate Woods Libertarian 4.4% Loss
Mike Briggs Republican 91.2% Win
Bill Maze Write-in 8.8% Loss
Dean Florez Democratic 54.4% Win
Robert M. Prenter Jr. Republican 45.6% Loss
David H. Jackson Republican 41% Loss
Sarah Reyes Democratic 59% Win
Roy Ashburn Republican 70.9% Win
Robert Lee Tucker Democratic 29.1% Loss
David L. Bersohn Libertarian 2.3% Loss
Abel Maldonado Republican 60.3% Win
Betty Sanders Democratic 37.4% Loss
Steven A. Figueroa Democratic 32.3% Loss
Jeffrey Ivan Laing Libertarian 3.5% Loss
Keith Olberg Republican 64.1% Win
Eric L. Dahl Natural Law 2.5% Loss
Hannah-Beth Jackson Democratic 53% Win
Chris Mitchum Republican 44.6% Loss
Gregory James Bashem Libertarian 3.1% Loss
Paula L. Calderon Democratic 34% Loss
George Runner Republican 62.9% Win
Michael Farris Reform 3.5% Loss
Roz McGrath Democratic 47.6% Loss
Tony Strickland Republican 48.9% Win
Tom McClintock Republican 100% Win
Tony Cardenas Democratic 86.7% Win
Christopher Kit Maira Libertarian 13.3% Loss
Eunice Deleuw Republican 25.5% Loss
Bob Hertzberg Democratic 68.8% Win
Kelley L. Ross Libertarian 5.7% Loss
John Honigsfeld Peace and Freedom 2.7% Loss
K. Paul Jhin Republican 34.6% Loss
Sheila Kuehl Democratic 62.7% Win
Kevin B. Davis Republican 22% Loss
Wally Knox Democratic 74% Win
Nancy Lawrence Peace and Freedom 4% Loss
Marie Buren Reform 1.4% Loss
Peter R. Repovich Republican 31.5% Loss
Daniel White Libertarian 2.1% Loss
Scott Wildman Democratic 65% Win
Philip Corvalan Reform 0.6% Loss
Ken La Corte Republican 40.1% Loss
Kenneth J. "Ken" Saurenman Libertarian 1.5% Loss
Jack Scott Democratic 56.5% Win
Shawn Waddell Green 1.3% Loss
Kitty Hedrick Republican 17.8% Loss
Antonio Villaraigosa Democratic 82.2% Win
Gil Cedillo Democratic 80.8% Win
Andrew Kim Republican 19.2% Loss
Eric Michael Fine Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Jonathan "John" Leonard Republican 13.3% Loss
Herb Wesson Democratic 84% Win
Ernest L. Woods Republican 5.3% Loss
Rod Wright Democratic 94.7% Win
Rachel Brown Libertarian 2.7% Loss
Jay T. Imperial Republican 26.1% Loss
Gloria Romero Democratic 71.2% Win
Marco Antonio Firebaugh Democratic 84.7% Win
Gladys O. Miller Republican 15.3% Loss
Robert Acherman Republican 19.2% Loss
Rex Frankel Green 3.8% Loss
Edward Vincent Democratic 77% Win
Carl Washington Democratic 100% Win
Bill Eggers Republican 39.4% Loss
George Nakano Democratic 60.6% Win
Julie Alban Republican 46.8% Loss
Alan J. "Al" Carlan Libertarian 1.9% Loss
George P. "Phil" Drake American Independent 1.7% Loss
Alan Lowenthal Democratic 49.6% Win
Ervin Don Eslinger Republican 19.7% Loss
Richard E. "Dick" Floyd Democratic 76.6% Win
Guy Wilson Libertarian 3.7% Loss
Sally M. Havice Democratic 53% Win
Phillip D. "Phil" Hawkins Republican 44.4% Loss
Bruce J. McKenzie Libertarian 2.6% Loss
Martin Gallegos Democratic 72.1% Win
Henry E. Gonzales Republican 27.9% Loss
Thomas M. Calderon Democratic 72.2% Win
Albert J. Nunez Republican 27.8% Loss
Louise Marie Allison Natural Law 2.1% Loss
Christian P. Christiansen Democratic 41.4% Loss
Jerry Johnson Libertarian 1.7% Loss
Bob Margett Republican 54.7% Win
Leland Faegre Libertarian 2.4% Loss
Robert "Bob" Pacheco Republican 52.5% Win
Ben Wong Democratic 45.1% Loss
Bob Demallie Republican 43.8% Loss
Nell Soto Democratic 56.2% Win
Irma Escobar Republican 35.4% Loss
John Longville Democratic 64.6% Win
Bill Leonard Republican 71.7% Win
Maureen K. Lindberg Libertarian 28.3% Loss
Rod Pacheco Republican 100% Win
Brett Granlund Republican 57.1% Win
Ray R. Quinto Democratic 39.7% Loss
Joseph Ray Renteria Natural Law 3.2% Loss
Patsy Hockersmith Democratic 38.3% Loss
Bruce Thompson Republican 61.7% Win
Scott R. Baugh Republican 57.5% Win
Autumn Browne Libertarian 5% Loss
Marie H. Fennell Democratic 37.5% Loss
Ken Maddox Republican 53.7% Win
Mike Matsuda Democratic 46.3% Loss
Jim Benson Reform 1.5% Loss
Lou Correa Democratic 54.7% Win
Jim Morrissey Republican 42.4% Loss
Bolynda Schultz Libertarian 1.4% Loss
Marilyn C. Brewer Republican 95.7% Win
Paul R. Fisher Natural Law 4.3% Loss
Martha Badger Democratic 28.1% Loss
Brenda Jo Bryant Natural Law 2.7% Loss
William J. "Bill" Campbell Republican 69.1% Win
Dick Ackerman Republican 67.5% Win
Frank Legas Democratic 29.7% Loss
Loren Meierding Libertarian 2.8% Loss
Pat Bates Republican 66.4% Win
Matteo "Matt" Ornati Natural Law 1.3% Loss
Donald D. Rollins Libertarian 3.3% Loss
Robert D. Wilberg Democratic 29% Loss
Stephen C. Dorsey Libertarian 2.1% Loss
William F. Fitzgerald (II) Democratic 38.6% Loss
Aditi Gentsch Natural Law 2.3% Loss
Howard J. Kaloogian Republican 57% Win
William S. Cowling III Natural Law 2.9% Loss
David Debus Democratic 27.9% Loss
Donna Tello Libertarian 4.9% Loss
Charlene Zettel Republican 64.3% Win
Duane A. Admire Republican 31.7% Loss
Susan A. Davis Democratic 65.3% Win
Edward M. Teyssier Libertarian 2.9% Loss
Steven C. Baldwin Republican 57.8% Win
Margaret Marge Carlson Democratic 38.8% Loss
Elizabeth Meyers Libertarian 3.4% Loss
Stuart Knoles Natural Law 1.9% Loss
John Murphy Libertarian 3.1% Loss
Jean Roesch Republican 38.4% Loss
Howard Wayne Democratic 56.6% Win
Denise Moreno Ducheny Democratic 76.4% Win
Carl Hurum Kinz Republican 23.6% Loss
Joey Acuna Jr. Democratic 40.8% Loss
Jim Battin Republican 55.5% Win
Susan Marie Weber Libertarian 3.7% Loss

Special Election

Special Election to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of State Senator Barbara Lee (SD-09). Lee resigned after being elected to Congress.

Marsha Feinland Peace and Freedom 6.7% Loss
Don Perata Democratic 77.2% Win
Deborah Wright Republican 16.2% Loss